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Aquib Anis

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Aquib Anis

Drama Others



3 mins 230 3 mins 230

Could you please drive a bit faster?. Kajal said to Rohan while texting on her phone.

We are already at 60km/hr. Do you want me to break the speed limit and get caught by the police? Rohan replied.

I can't see any policemen on the entire road. 

Even if there are no policemen, we should follow rules. If the speed limit says 60km/hr, then one should drive at that speed only.

What if I go and change the speed limit? will you drive any faster then?

whatever the speed limit will say I will follow.

ugh! Kajal frowned.

Why do you have so many problems with rules?

Because they are unnecessary.

Who told you that? And whom are constantly texting to? I am talking to you and you are not even bothered to at least look at me.

I am listening to you.

That's not enough. You should look into people's faces while talking. 

And why's that?

So that they would know that you are interested in the conversation and it also helps you to reply accordingly. 

See! you yourself gave the answer to the question of why am i not looking at you?

Have I done anything wrong? Rohan enquired politely.

why are you saying that? Finally, Kajal looked towards him.

Your behavior towards me since the last few months has been abysmal, to say the least. You have started ignoring my calls, my messages. 

When did I do that?

The day before yesterday. I tried calling you so many times but you kept rejecting my call.

If I kept rejecting your call, then you should have understood that I was busy.

If you were so busy that you couldn't answer, you could have sent me a text. I was so worried for you. 

ugh!!! Kajal frowned again.

what is the matter with you? Why do you keep telling me that?


I can take care of myself. I am not a kid. I don't need anyone to keep reminding me every time that they are worried about me. It's so irritating. 

At least you could tell me where you were that night?

I ain't telling you that.

A brief moment of silence followed.

Why is she behaving like that? Rohan murmured. I am doing everything I can but still.....

After a few minutes, they reached the destination.

I am going. Kajal said.

Rohan was unmoved.

Kajal got down and started walking but stopped after going a few steps.

She turned around. Rohan was quietly looking at the steering wheel and murmuring.

I was at a Restaurant celebrating the birthday party of a friend. She said

I don't think this is such a big issue that you had to hide it from me. 

It wasn't just a restaurant.


It was a Pub and a Restaurant.

Seriously! He looked at her, Perplexed.

What's the big deal. Everyone goes to a pub. It's normal.

I don't think so. You are...

Before Rohan could complete his sentence, Kajal interrupted. That's why I don't tell you anything.... she said, turned around, and sprinted inside the gate.

I will come to pick you up at 4 pm and I request you to not tell your mother about the conversation we had today. She already has accused me of "spying" on you once.

Whatever!. Kajal murmured and continued her sprint.

Rohan waited for a reply but there was none.

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