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Hello Boss, Its Chennai Central!!!

Hello Boss, Its Chennai Central!!!

3 mins 25.3K 3 mins 25.3K

Roaring crowd, loud ovation, sound horn and time-to-time announcements! Guess what! Chepauk stadium?? Jothi theatre?? Hello boss this is central railway station.


Train travel has become a part in my life and I am enjoying it every now and then, most special one is when I had back to home. Generally people start office in a hurry and go back home patiently but here in my case its vice-versa, thanks to southern railways (special thanks to the high-frequency of trains in peak hours!). Soon after I enter central station, I can see huge mass from varied discipline, age, race, and religion clustered in one place, good to see everyone in a place. Isn’t it? Yes it is! But it wont go long as there will be a drastic change once there is a sound beep/announcements. All the sentimental heroes’ turns into a cruel villain at that point of time and the happy chit-chatting faces turns grave after seeing the giant 9-car match box with hell a lot of match sticks cropping towards them, actually I am talking about the TRAIN. Mann, that’s an awesome scene! You can see many action heroes showing their mastery to find a place, cunning villains grabbing other’s seat and comedy guys who creeps through the window. The aim is to have a seat even if the whole travelling time is less than 15 minutes, because it has something to do with their prestige. No doubt, I fall under third category.


After hearing all the refreshing words and fighting with almost everyone in the train, I took my seat and of course it was not just a seat for me, something more than that! That seat defines our power. That seat defines our determination. But what happens next??? Simple the train just starts and along with that you experience much more! (Let the game begins!!??)


After taking my so-called prestigious window seat, the train starts and you think I will give a huge sigh of relief after settling down in the seat. Well, you are partly right! I tried to give a huge relief but before completing my act I can find persons, standing in between my legs (except sitting over my lap), pushing from the corner of the seat and still asking us to adjust (if there is a door instead of the windows, I am sure people sitting near the windows would be kicked out any moment). Besides that, all the freaks start to play some astonishing music in their mobile (apart from that some do think they are ARR or some legendary singer) that has tremendous ability to make you sick even if you are healthy throughout your life. And not to forget I didn’t even complete my act of giving a huge sigh after having my seat.


Just imagine yourself in such a circumstances, it will be fun. Isn’t it???


Most important point I would like to suggest here is, people think that one who gets the chance to sit near the window is super-comfortable than anyone else in the train; but the actual fact is he was only person in train who suffer the most when compared to the one sitting at the corners; sometimes even more than one who is standing. But the beautiful part here is, besides all these sufferings in this entire journey; he was the only person who enjoys the refreshing breeze touching his face and getting a visual treat with all those not-so-beautiful sceneries (without causing any disturbance to anyone in the train).


Remember one thing; every incident explained above was pertaining to one important factor, WHEN I HAVE A SEAT! HAVE A SEAT! What if I didn’t get a seat??? Oh my GOD! That will be even more fun! What so ever, train journey is a part in me, though it irritates or makes me feel sick, at the end, I love experiencing all these.

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