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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Black Mosquito

Black Mosquito

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"Oh! Could you not recognise me? How many times you have taken the bitter tea prepared by me!"

"Yes, now I remember him Lodhi Chaiwala, the famous industrialist".

"Yes, I am the same Ibrahim .Yes brother, I'll tell you my story ... listen carefully...

In those days, I had to stay outside often. Once I returned to India, I remembered the old friend. I went to his house to meet that friend. When I used to live by selling tea, in those days my friend had helped me a lot. It is a fact that only due to that friend I could pass my difficult days .The friend was very happy to see me. I started getting their affectionate welcome..All family members looked at me as if I had escaped from a zoo. A little child came near and read my name stitched on my coat. All were convinced that I was the same person about whom my friend used to keep referring to them often.

My friend had called me a number of times but since I was busy with my engagements it was not possible to respond to his invitation .Even otherwise I remained in India only for a short period. Anyway I started talking to the family members. I had no family of my own so I had great fun talking to such a family.

I began to talk to them intimately when the eldest son of my friend showed interest in my journey from an ordinary owner of a tea house to a big industrialist.

Bahurani too wanted to know why I did not keep my wife and my family together. As per my usual habit I started telling the truth wrapped with lies. Just then I saw something on the cheek of my friend. It was a thick black mosquito sitting on his cheek and sucking his blood. My friend had been so overwhelmed with my talk that he was not aware of the mosquito at all. How could I have tolerated a mosquito sucking my friend's blood in front of me? It was eight o’clock. I thought it was the right time to hit that mosquito. I gave a strong slap on my friend’s cheek. The mosquito flew away but the friend's mouth started bleeding. One of the teeth was broken. Two teeth started shaking.

He started looking at me confused. His family members could not understand the meaning of this surgical strike. Then I explained, "Brother, this mosquito was sucking your blood. If I did not kill it you would have got dengue, malaria, chikungunya, or swine flu, because this mosquito was not a normal mosquito but one spreading infectious disease.Had you got any of the disease it would have spread to other family members.From your family members it would have spread to the neighbours, the colony, the town, the district and then to the entire India.So I decided to hit only in the interest of the nation".

All the family members of my friend who listened to me carefully became emotional. They started cheering me. Seeing the people supporting my sensible decision and act made me proud. After spending a pleasant time with my friend, I left for Japan. When I told the Japanese about the incidence they were in full agreement that I should get an International Award for this feat.

After spending two months in Japan, when I returned to India, the whole country was cheering me with my friend taking the lead.. There was a discussion of my understanding everywhere because during this time my friend had to get his two teeth out replaced with three new ones. Even while grunting with a toothache, my friend used to update others, standing in the queue, about the great act of mine.

Whosoever heard him, bowed down their heads with reverence. People became aware of this news so much that whenever they went to the hospital, people used to form long queues to get more information about the incident. This made all the family members of the friend more active. On some pretext or the other they used to meet people in crowded places and made them aware of my exploit by hearing which they started dancing and cheering.

When a vegetable vendor came to know of this incident, he tossed his vegetable basket on the way and started dancing. The people, who never knew to apply their brain or those who were unable to make decisions themselves, became so much influenced by this wonderful decision of mine taken in the interest of my country that in those days many children born in the country were named after me.

I was revered by one and all everywhere.The big flower bouquets were offered to me as gifts.I got the biggest bouquet from the dentist who had earned handsomely by treating my friend for losing three of his teeth. The number of customers had also increased because most of them revered me for my noble act in the interest of the nation. If someone talked against me my supporters used to give befitting reply by blows. Doctor attended such cases promptly who was happy to know about my historic decision. He too gave special co-operation in projecting my image.

In the end, before my trip to a new country, my grand felicitation ceremony was organised on behalf of all the citizens at the airport. Famous celebrities joined the program.My introduction was done elaborately.. People were happy to applaud me repeatedly. In the middle they shouted slogans in favour of me.They were in full agreement that I should get the Bharat Ratna.

I started speaking in response to the hospitality extended., "My dear countrymen ..."Just then someone gave a slap on my left cheek. I stumbled. My specs also broke and fell down. I gathered my strength, but again a heavy slap fell on my right cheek. My mouth was bleeding . By the time the third slap fell on me I caught hold of the hands of the miscreant.

Very politely he said, "Lodhi Ji , please don’t get angry.In fact there was a big fat mosquito sitting on your left cheek. I wanted to kill it.But it flew away and sat on your right cheek. Please see it is sitting now on your left cheek.” Saying this he gave such a hard slap that two of my teeth left their position.

Even before I could say anything, my right cheek got a big blow which successfully damaged my facial features.. That is the reason you could not identify me immediately today. But I do not regret at all. Well, after about six months, when I was discharged from the hospital I had a set of 32 fake teeth. Even today when I see a black mosquito from a distance I change my route immediately.. Let's meet again.Bye……


Original story

काला मच्छर by Dr. Razzak Shaikh 'Rahi'

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