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Good Morning !

Good Morning !

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He always woke up at 5 A.M.

Jatin Kakotkar that is. Jatin was nearing 60 years of age, but was still fit and active. Jatin looked forward to each new day, and his work. He had ample to do though, but he did not mind it. Work was worship after all. This was the lesson he had learnt from his parents.

Jatin never took long to get ready. He had adequate comfort to prepare for his work – usually an early tea prepared by  his wife, and a light breakfast, maybe yesterday’s left over roti, or bread, if there was money enough to buy one. But then, he would get lunch at the workplace and he couldn’t complain there. Jatin took bath and got ready in less than half an hour, and by 5.45 AM was out for work, wearing the uniform provided by his kind employer.

On the same morning, not very far from Jatin, Vijay Seth, who was about 48 years’ of age, woke up .

Vijay disregarded mornings. In fact, he hated them. Vijay woke up around 9 A.M. He stretched his hand  to pick up the medicines from the bed-table, one for hypothyroid, one for high blood pressure, and last one for the cholesterol balance.

 This was followed by  bed-tea time, a short session of half an hour.

Vijay took bath unwillingly. That was after taking a glass of freshly prepared orange juice, accompanied by freshly prepared snack of his liking, and placed so decoratively in his suite.

As Vijay entered his plushly designed bathroom today, he was upset. Grudgingly he opened the bathroom door and shouted, “Jatin ! How do you expect me to get ready in time for office? No clothes arranged for me ? Don’t you respect value of time ?"

Jatin rushed to Vijay Seth’s room from the pantry, with his Boss’s clothes properly ironed, and placed at the exact place where he had forgotton to put yesterday evening.

Jatin felt guilty. How could he forget this important work, just because of his wife’s ill health ?

Jatin respected his Boss, Vijay Seth. He was so hard working, and had accumulated wealth in a span of hardly a decade.

Jatin Kakotkar wanted to fulfil a desire – he had this dream – that one day his son will grow up to become like his boss- like Vijay Seth !

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