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Dalsukhbhai’s Will

Dalsukhbhai’s Will

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“I don’t understand why Daddy is so stingy?” Prabha repeated this sentence fourth time in the day. Manish nodded, agreeing absent-mindedly.

“We should have ordered at least four pizzas with children hogging away one each. Thank God I had prepared daal-rice, for Daddy, which eventually we had to eat up !”

From Prabha’s description, it appeared as if Daddy, Dalsukhbhai was the greatest miser on earth!

In fact, he did show this tendency now and then.

“Manish, look what I found! A tube of shaving cream lying since two years in my drawer! Please don’t buy a new one for me now.”

“But Daddy, it is okay, why do you want to use this older stuff?”

Dalsukhbahi never paid any heed to Manish when something new needed to be bought for him.

Then again. “ Bahu, let us go and buy vegetables from the wholesale market. The shops here charge exorbitantly"

Prabha often got exasperated. “Manish, why do we have to listen to Daddy for each rupee spent in this house ?”

It was getting more and more difficult for Manish, and especially Prabha to run the household with Dalsukhbhai putting his foot down in every expense.

Finally, Manish and Prabha decided to separate from the old man, though it was not the right decision. Ba had passed away two years back, and Dalsukhbhai was a lonely man.

Just the day Manish was going to break this news to Dalsukhbhai, he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest and was immediately shifted to ICU of the best hospital in town.

After two days of medication and constant observation, Dalsukhbhai started showing signs of life in him.

As he recovered gradually, Dalsukhbhai started asking questions about which hospital he was admitted to!

Manish and Prabha did not disclose name of the hospital to him, but replied that this was one of the ordinary ones, to avoid further discussion. Dalsukhbhai was a prudent old man.

He got into conversation with the staff there within a day or two, and cleverly learnt all the details about the hospital and its level of expenses.

On the day when Dalsukhbhai was to be relieved, he told Manish, “ Manish, I am thankful to you both for taking me to a simple hospital. I am really proud that you have finally understood the value of money.”

He paused, “ Since the hospital bill is not that high, I suggest that you pay from my pension account. ”

Manish did not agree. “No, no, Daddy, I have already told the hospital..”

Dalsukhbhai smiled. “Let me spend some money after myself. I have already requested to the Doctor.”

“Oh, by the way, Manish, I have made a temporary will of my assets, lest something might happen to me, sooner or later..”

Both Manish and Prabha exclaimed, “Daddy, You are going to live for many more years! “ Manish was helpless. Bill of 3 lakh rupees was already paid by Dalsukhbhai.

Next morning since Dalsukhbhai was to be released, Manish reached early at the hospital. Prabha stayed home to make sheera as a gesture of celebration!

But Dalsukhbhai never returned home. He had a relapse of massive heart attack and collapsed immediately.

In spite of being at the hospital, doctors could not save him. This was a great shock to Manish, Prabha and children!

Manish and Prabha were feeling guilty of judging the old man wrongly. “Thank God, we did not leave him alone!” Finally Prabha gathered courage to mutter these words.

After all the poojas after Dalsukhbhai were through, one morning their family friend Kanubhai called up Manish. “Son, your Daddy has made a will..”

“Yes Uncle..”

“I will come today evening and read it out to you,”

In the evening, as Kanubhai started to read Dalsukhbhai’s will, Manish and Prabha were speechless.

“And from all my money collected, which amounts to 10 crores, I gift Ramu, our old servant 50 thousand rupees. All other helpers - driver SantoshSingh, gardener Lallu, household helper Ramaben get rupees 20 thousand each."

" It was always my innermost wish to spend some money after charity, so I donate Rs.1 crore for the education of orphan boys and girls. The deserving organisation will be decided by Kanubhai and Manish jointly and appropriately.”

“Rest of the money goes to my children, that is my family,who have always listened to me, and believed in my values. My blessings are always with them, as they took care of me till the end.”

That night Prabha cried for hours and Manish let her do so. In fact, he joined her time and again, praying to Dalsukhbhai for forgiveness.

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