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Anu Menon



Anu Menon


Good Karma

Good Karma

4 mins

Sandhya checks the time on her watch. How long should she wait to see the doctor?

Sandhya and Shiv are waiting anxiously in the hospital ward to know what news their doctor would bring for them.

After almost one hour, Dr Jacob enters their room.

Sandhya asks: "How is my baby, Doctor?"

Doctor hides his gloom and gives her a wide smile as he doesn't want to upset them.

Dr Jacob: "He is improving. Nothing to worry. He will be much better in a few days."

By hearing the doctor's soothing words, Sandhya's face lit with joy that finally she could take her premature baby home very soon.

Dr Jacob could not reveal to the parents that there was just a 50% chance of the baby to survive. 

How can he convey this news to the mother who is longing for her baby and constantly asking him how her baby is?

Saving the baby's life is the top priority for the paediatrician Dr Jacob. 

He spent the next few days with the 2.5 pound baby in NICU by working all around the clock, closely observing the improvements of the little boy and beating all the odds. The baby pulled through. 

The parents were so happy and could not stop thanking the paediatrician. 

25 years later, Dr Jacob was leaving the hospital after a hard day's work. He was so exhausted to even drive his car back home. His childhood friend is visiting him the next day. So he had to make necessary arrangements for his friend's stay.

On his way, his car collided with a high-speed truck coming from the wrong side of the road. His car crashed and he fell unconscious.

All the people gathered were busy taking photos and capturing videos of the doctor or the car but no one bothered to help him.

Just then, a car stopped near the accident spot. There were two men inside the car. One among the two men rushed to the spot as he was a paramedic. He assessed the doctor’s situation and used equipment to provide emergency medical treatment. He then carried him into the car and drove to the nearby hospital.

Next day, when Dr Jacob opened his eyes, he enquired the doctor in charge about what happened and who helped him to reach there. The doctor explained to him all that had happened.

Dr Jacob told the doctor that he wanted to meet and thank the rescuer for saving his life. The doctor said he would inform the paramedic.

In the evening, there was a gentle knock on the door.

The paramedic who helped him stepped in.

 Dr Jacob thanked him. The paramedic and doctor were talking.

Dr Jacob: “Young man, What’s your name?”

Paramedic: “Sharon”.

Dr Jacob: “Are you staying alone or with your parents?”

Paramedic: “I stay with my parents. My profession doesn't allow me to be with them. But they have no complaints and always proud of me. ”

Dr Jacob: “What made you take up this profession which keeps you always on toes?”

Paramedic: “My parents were worried that they would lose me as I was a premature child. My paediatrician saved my life. When I grew up, I wanted to be like him saving people's lives.” 

Dr Jacob could recollect all the memories of him saving the baby boy. It is a miraculous coincidence to know that the baby whose life he had saved a few years ago, had saved his life today. Dr Jacob looked at Sharon gratefully.

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