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Good Bye Corona

Good Bye Corona

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I sat down to pen down my thoughts on Corona and its aftermath, and this is what I came into conclusion, I hope you all would definitely agree with me!

I cannot believe this, Mother Earth is calm, serene, and peaceful..

Unlike the time it was few months back, so should we thank or blame Corona?

Mother Earth has rejuvenated its energy in just a few months’ time. Credit goes to the absence of motility of the mankind, but they would definitely be taxed to mortality if found unarmed against the law of nature. The call of nature was unheard right from the time of its conception and until now that is enough for the mankind to learn their lessons not to tamper with the game of nature, or else we will surely have to pay the price at the cost of our future.

Water, water, water….Save Water, Save Life! Was the slogan, but no one even cared for water, the savior of our lives, so nature had to take a call on its own so that it remains unpolluted so as to serve the selfish mankind despite polluting the water to the maximum. So, unselfish of water to even think about us even at the time of its own demolition. Corona came as a blessing in disguise so as to put a full stop to the functioning of the factories, industries, and what not, which were releasing the toxic pollutants leading to the water being impure for consumption. So, the lockdown of such trade has definitely lead the water to, though not its purest form, but purity that’s enough for us to quench our thirst. Water took to its own to warn us in the form of floods, rains, and earthquakens, but that which was unheard of, remains so common, because we as human beings are used to paying for the materialistic things, and not the ones which are freely available in nature. If we do not tend to the nature’s call, there may be days when we would have to buy water of an unheard price. It’s only you dear water, you take the dirt from us, but still in return, give us pure water to drink, unlike the selfish minds of the people who are fighting against each other, killing their own siblings for reasons unknown. 

Now, I shall leave that to you decide whether Corona is a blessing in disguise or a curse in disguise, especially with regards to water, our savior.

There’s a burning desire in my heart to loudly cry and tell the world that Fire energy, which was essential for growth and development of the mankind has misfired on us for it becoming violent leading to the wildfires, which was the root cause of deforestation, and the main culprit is no one but us. Now, with the minimal human activity, the forest is trying to paint itself with green, but if revoked, then the hue of the forest will definitely turn into red, believe me!! Thus, Corona, on its own has taken to paint the canvas of life with the paint brush, that may paint the forests with either red or green!!

Dear Air, Pardon me for not listening to your call, and we are glad that you became the doctor of your own during this pandemic time. We were unaware of your energy, until we were told to wear masks. We were unaware of the fact that our vehicles were polluting you so much so that, you had to lock us down inside our house so that you get treated by yourself in order to allow us breathe easy. We never switched off our engines while driving even at traffic signals, because we were busy on call.

Now, the traffic signal, red light has shown us to stop polluting you and in turn us too. In a way, Corona has reminded us the importance of air, by asking us to wear masks, without which, our survival is at stake.

The yellow light has given us clear instructions about the forthcoming future, which, of course, would bring in more good things, provided we follow the rules of nature.

The green light has not yet been on, until the Corona goes away completely from the air. So, it’s a warning from Corona to all of us to be on guard to safeguard our own lives.

Wow, we landed on moon, that’s a great boon to mankind. Did we leave space alone after that? No, we just left junk everywhere. Corona played an important role in shutting down all the space stations, which would invariably leave debris, poisonous remnants of the rockets and satellites launched in the space. We were aware of the other elements getting polluted around us, but space, we never gave a second thought about it, until a theory about O zone being depleted came up. Above all, this can be seen as a necessary respite for the earth to recuperate. Be aware, the world may not remain the same again. Thanks to Corona because of which we have not heard of any recent space ships or rockets being launched, thus leading to the purification of the space.

Global economy has been affected the most due to the pandemic, which shall go on for few years from now. 

This was all about our elements of nature, what about us as human beings, I am coming to that. I believe in God and that’s why the advent of Corona because of our own negligence, ignorance, selfishness, hatred, and what not.

I shall start from the time of conception, no mother was left behind in having their own mobile phones, be it a button one or an android. The unborn child was definitely affected not only by the radiations emitted by the mobile phones, but also the negativity of the messages that circulated. It was as if like mobile phone was part of their body that they would flaunt it wherever they would go. They would not keep their cell phone off despite warnings, Corona came as a blessing wherein people started concentrating more on sending optimistic messages in fighting corona and thus arose the yoga and meditation courses, which at least slowed down the weightage of the negativity of the messages sent.

Postpartum, due to the presence of the baby and the condition of the mother, Corona put an end to all the unwanted visitors and infections that used to trouble both the baby and the mom, due to which the mother child bonding is more when comparted to earlier days wherein mother was dependent on her mother for very many things, which she has been managing all alone now with her husband. I think this has lead to an increased level of understanding between the couples, leading to the husband equally sharing his responsibilities towards managing the family along with life. However, mother-in-laws are not left behind, in the absence of their daughter’s mother, they are in fact, trying to replace their mothers by taking care of their grandsons like never before putting an end to all the unwanted clashes at home, thanks to the baby and corona because of which the daughter in law had to deliver the baby in her husband’s place than in her mother’s place. Father-in-laws are trying to help their daughter-in-laws and wives by looking after their grandchildren when needed leading to a stronger bonding in between the family members. The son who used to always run early in the morning and come back late at night, is seen in and around the house meeting end-to-end needs of both his family and office equally.

Well, when it comes to the mothers of the daughter-in-laws, the situation remains the same like above wherein in the absence of their daughters, mother-in-laws are slowly showing warmth and affection towards them and vice versa leading to less clashes in the family. In fact, both the mother and daughter in law duo are even trying their hands at different recipes and have become professionals now in supporting their own household where some of their sons or husbands have lost their jobs due to Corona effect. I have come across many households wherein the packaged food industry is coming into boom involving almost all the family members including the children who are putting the stickers on the packaged food, which would be prepared by the female household and supplied by the male personnel. Don’t you think Corona has given an equal opportunity to most of the middle income family to not only flourish in their businesses but also enjoy the family time with each other.

“There is no labor a person does that is undignified, if they do it right” Bill Cosby

Corona has given an opportunity for the rich to help the poor in one way or the other. Well, there are people whom I have come across who have been paying wages to the household staff despite their absence. Seeing this, the neighbors have also pitched in for help. The rich have started cleaning up their own spaces rather than depending on their staff owing to them being much more healthier and smarter from both within and outside. So, its all about family time now than the office time or otherwise. Though there is a change in trend from working at office to WFH, we are thankful for all those who are equally concerned about the health of their employees owing to the spread of Corona.

Healthwise, people are more conscious now on what they eat, how they keep themselves physically and mentally active, and how to remain happy, all thanks to Corona, as health was neglected to the core owing to their busy schedules.

Corona has paved way for several people on the job front, to pursue their hobbies, and some in fact converted their hobbies into the jobs and are successful at it too. 

Advent of corona has its own ill-effects when it comes to those who have not followed the guidelines, be it washing hands, wearing masks, or unnecessary travel. Despite the warnings from the state and central government, people who took it lightly are the ones who have paid the price at the cost of their family. Nonetheless, doctors who are tending to them have been on the run and rendering service, which in itself is commendable, putting their own lives at risk without even taking a break. We have lost several doctors amidst all this.

If we talk about education, Corona has made this possible that no one could have done, the use of technology though it cannot replace a teacher. Before children were asked to keep themselves away from the mobile phones, and now the scenario is such that, due to online classes, they are either glued to their phone or laptop, desktop, etc. This generation is the most affected one, when it comes to enjoying the school hours in real time, which is now restricted to online learning, virtually. Though there are more pros than cons, again it depends on the coaching provided by the students’ parents and teachers as to how they could be developed as digitally responsible all-rounders because they are our future generation and in them is hidden our country’s future.

Come, let’s make a pledge today as the responsible citizens of India

That we would take this as a lesson for life and help the academia,

With our heart and souls, we promise to save our mother Earth

So that our future is secure without any dearth,

We will strive for each other’s success leaving behind jealousy, hatred, and greed

And pave the way for the success of mankind, which is our biggest need!

May Lord Ganesha take away all the obstacles from this world

And let’s put our hands together and pray to be the free birds!

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