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Kid Nap Her!!

Kid Nap Her!!

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Stacy started crying immensely and called her husband! after hearing her husband's voice on the phone, she could not speak a word. Her words were stuck in the throat as if somebody was choking her. Hello!!! Steven, Stacy's husband screamed as he could hear his wife gasping for breath. Stacy gathered all her courage and stammered... Lucy!! lucy!!, Steven could sense some sort of danger as he knew that whenever Stacy is in confusion, she could not get her words right. He asked Stacy as to what had happened, Stacy answered him back by stammering that while playing in the park, Lucy felt thirsty and asked for water, she left her all alone in the park and went to her apartment to get the water bottle, which was just a minute away from the park, and on coming back, she got panic as she could not see Lucy anywhere in the park. Steven could not hear her voice anymore, he became tensed and started to call out for her. Stacy could not take it anymore and started crying uncontrollably. Steven cut the call and immediately drove back home from his clinic. He could imagine his wife, Stacy's condition, and Lucy, his loving daughter. He just wiped his tears away so that he could stay strong and support Stacy in this arduous situation.

As soon as Stacy saw the red car approaching apartment, she rushed through the park and Steven stopped his car. Stacy began to sob who was consoled by Steven, but only to a certain extent. He made her drink some water and he made sure that she was back to her senses and called on the security, who was prompt to reply that since it was lunch time, he had gone out to have his lunch. Steven then asked for the security camera recordings, which he said he would provide. Steven did not waste his time, he called 911 and no sooner did they arrive, they started to go through the camera recordings and enquired the security too, but in vain. There was no clue left for them to find out who had kidnapped Lucy. 

Stacy could not stop her tears and told them about the day's happenings as to how happy she was throughout the day and before she could get her afternoon nap, she wanted to play in the park, and how she had helped her mom in preparing her favorite pasta for lunch. Stacy felt uneasy in her stomach as Lucy did not even have her lunch. Steven pacified her and took her into their apartment. On seeing the toys scattered all over the house, Stacy just passed out. Steven made sure she got back her senses and ate something so that she could gain some energy for the rest of the day. Stacy slowly recollected that in the afternoon when she went to get Lucy the water bottle, she felt somebody was watching them over the bushes and informed about it quickly to Steven.  Steven went out to inform the same to the police who were still breaking their head out on cracking Lucy's kidnap. The officer noted the details from Steven and went back again to watch over the camera recordings, but all in vain. Some of the officers were walking around the park in order to get some clues, but went back without any use. The security guy also came along with them and stated that since he was having his lunch at that point of time in his security room, he was of no help too. Helpless, the police staff went out of the apartment informing Steven that they would get back to them at the earliest.

Stacy could not digest the fact that the police were not able to get even a single clue and was cursing herself all the more, which had led to her daughter, Lucy's kidnap. She forced Steven to watch out over the bushes again, which Steven refused at first thinking that Police had done their duty before leaving the apartment premises, but to calm her down, he had to go out and check if there was anything left by the culprit near the bushes, but alas! he could fine none. Steven felt very sad and was walking down slowly with face down, when something shone right into his eyes, he wiped his eyes, and bent down to look at it, it was just a button! He walked over it, but suddenly stopped, and turned back and picked it up and put it in his shirt pocket and walked towards his apartment. He felt the small button in his pocket, but did not reveal it to his wife Stacy, as it would exacerbate her situation. He lied to her that there was nothing of importance that he could find over the bushes and consoled her. Stacy was crying profusely stating that it was already 5 p.m.and that it was the time when Lucy would be out of her nap and would be hungry. Steven could not control his tears too. He went swiftly into Lucy's room and tried to find the dolls that Lucy had which would match with the small button that he had got in the bushes. But all dolls clothes were intact and none of the dolls had the buttons missing. He knew how Lucy used to dress the dolls neatly everyday like how her mother would take care of her. Steven then opened the dolls dresses drawer, but was amazed to see how Lucy had kept all the dolls dresses so neatly and this hurt him even more. 

Steven decided to call the police once again and informed them about the small button that he had found and told them that he would hand it over to them outside the apartment as he did not want his wife to know about it. The police on the other side were suspicious of his behavior, but still they told that they would come and collect it, and did not make him know that they were in doubt about his behavior. They reached the apartment pretty soon, and Steven handed over the button to them and hurried himself back to the apartment as he had to administer an injection to Stacy since he was a doctor. The police personnel became even more suspicious and as soon as he went into his apartment, they moved towards the security room. There, they asked the security guy about Steven's behavior to which the security guy replied that the couple used to fight always as it was Steven's second marriage to Stacy, and Steven used to hit Lucy badly and that Lucy always used to cry when Steven was around. The police officer thanked the security guy and, but before going they wanted to confirm if the security guy was right, and just tip toed towards Steven's apartment and were shocked to hear Stacy's loud cry. This, was enough for the police officer, he immediately went in and put the hand cuffs to Steven's hands and dragged him into his car, but Steven requested them to lock the house before they could take him into custody as he told them that Stacy could no longer withstand all this as he had already administered the injection, and that she would fall asleep soon. This confirmed the police officer's doubt and and he held him tightly , and pushed him into the car badly. 

Steven cried in pain as his hands were hand cuffed, but he did not utter a word to the police and told them that his lawyer would speak to them, to which the police officer slapped him on the face, which made Steven bleed from his teeth. The police officer put him behind bars in the station and waited for the higher authorities to take action against him. The security officer's statement was good enough to jail him for a longer period, thought the police officer. The higher authority barged in and started inquiring Steven, but unfortunately, could not extract any reply from him. Since Steven was tired because of police treatment, he fell asleep. The higher authority took the button from the Police officer, and walked out of the station, ordering the police officer to have an eye on Steven as he seemed very dangerous and that he was not opening up too. The police officer patted his back and thanked his stars and the security guy who had helped him to crack this case and was expecting a reward from the Higher authorities too. 

The Higher authorities rushed into the WalMart and walked through the dolls section, wherein they could find several many dolls with the same button that Steven had claimed to have gotten in the bush. They felt Steven was cooking up a story and before walking out, they went into the cash counter and asked about the purchase of any dolls in the recent past to which the cashier looked into the system and told them that a month back there was a doll purchased in the name of Mr. Steven, which confirmed that Steven had purchased the same to his daughter and was trying to fool around by kidnapping his own daughter, what a dismay, thought the higher authority. They walked out in relief, they wanted to give Steven a benefit of doubt, but this was also ruled out by the cashier. They could hear someone calling them from behind, and it was the cashier waving at them, to which they waved back.

The other officers went home, making sure of Stacy's security as she was all alone at home still under the influence of the injection. The police officer went to sleep on the chair itself monitoring Steven in the station every now and then. The next morning, before Stacy could wake up she saw Steven with her who was trying to put Lucy to sleep. Her happiness knew no bounds and she hugged him tightly to which Steven gestured to maintain silence as Lucy was about to sleep. 

No longer did Lucy sleep, Stacy got Steven his morning coffee unaware of the fact that Steven was arrested and brought back by the same police as she was given the sedative injection by Steven before leaving his apartment in the evening. Thank God! thought Steven, otherwise, this would have required him to give her another sedative, which he did not want to as it would have adverse effects on Stacy's health, which had already deteriorated.

Steven hugged Stacy while sipping coffee and looked at her who was lost in her thoughts. He recollected the nightmare as to how a small button of the doll had saved him from getting behind the bars. He thanked the Higher authorities who had inquired this case very inquisitively and got into the depth of it and had found out the culprit overnight. Steven recollected about what the Higher authorities had told him as to how the WalMart Cashier had waved at them last, which made them go back to him or else Steven would still be behind bars on the case of kidnapping his own daughter. They told Steven that it was his concern towards his wife when he had told them to lock the door before they took him into the police car that had touched them and had to think about it twice before concluding the case and this was confirmed when they dug deep into what was told by the WalMart Cashier that the same kind of doll was purchased a day back by someone by name Ms. Rita who lived somewhere outside the city. This was the only clue that they had with the help of which they had reached the destination and found that the house was on the outskirts of the city wherein they could hear the cry of a child, which was probably Lucy's. They peeped into the house through the window where they could see Lucy and Ms. Rita, and before they could get in, they saw the security guy hitting hard on Lucy's face to shut her mouth. This enraged the Higher authorities and immediately without wasting any time, they arrested both the security guy and Ms. Rita and put them behind bars while pacifying Lucy who was consoled by Steven in the police station. The higher authorities thanked Lucy who had plucked the dolls button while she was being wooed by security wife, Ms. Rita with the doll, playing safe, away from the security camera. The security guys plea of apologies fell on the dumb ears of the higher authorities. The higher authorities also warned the police officer not to jump to conclusion and arrest someone without any proof and apologized Steven and dropped him back home with Lucy. 

Steven had a grin on his face, as to how life would take turn in just a single day wherein he had to be a doctor, kidnapper, and a good husband too!, but he was happy that his kid, Lucy, was enjoying her nap! and wife, Stacy, lost in cooking Lucy's favorite, Pasta, for breakfast!!

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