Kishore Semalla

Comedy Horror Thriller


Kishore Semalla

Comedy Horror Thriller

Ghost bungalow

Ghost bungalow

4 mins

It was fifteen minutes past seven in the evening.

Raju did not reach home.

Every day Raju reached home by six in the evening. His mother was worried. She went to Pandu, Raju's friend, to inquire about Raju.

Pandu's mother informed Raju's mother that even Pandu didn't reach home yet and his father went in search of Pandu.

As time passed, anxiety increased. The kids who went to play didn't reach home yet. Their parents were really worried. They couldn't trace the kids.

It was 10 in the night. Raju's parents went to Ramesh, Raju's friend with a ray of hope that probably he may know about Raju..

Ramesh informed them that he doesn't know anything about their whereabouts.

He tried to recollect and informed them while they were playing, Raju and the son of the head of the village fought.

Raju and Pandu have hit the son of the head of the village so badly that the boy started bleeding. Raju and Pandu ran away soon after.

The other children expected the two to reach home. Ramesh told them that this is not expected and this is horrifying.

Meanwhile, Pandu and his father returned. Knowing this Raju's mother expected to see Raju too. But Raju wasn't there. Raju's mother started to lament and even Raju's father was worried.

They questioned Pandu about Raju as the two were together. Pandu was terrified and couldn't speak at all. His eyes were filled with fright. He drank a glass of water and started speaking.

He said, " After hitting the son of the head of the village, we both ran towards the outskirts of the village. After reaching there, I was really afraid and I begged Raju to return. But Raju was reluctant and he ran into the bungalow situated on the outskirts of the village. I wasn't brave enough to enter it and I returned."

The moment Pandu informed about the incident, the entire village was shocked. The villagers trembled to enter the bungalow. They couldn't imagine the situation of Raju who was in it now.


In the dark night, Raju's parents started walking towards the bungalow looking for Raju.

No one escorted them as they were very afraid. None of the villagers slept that night with fear. They were anxiously waiting.

After sometime, Pandu's parents reached the place too.

It was ten past seven in the morning.

The parents of Raju, Pandu and his parents, did not return yet. The villagers speculated that probably all these people must have succumbed to the ghost dwelling in the haunted bungalow.

Immediately they arranged a meeting and informed everything to the head of the village. Immediately he reached the bungalow.

The bungalow was very dark.

He climbed the steps and reached the first floor. He heard a sound on his right and went into the room.

After sometime screams started emerging from that room. Immediately, the villagers reached the place. They could see some boxes lying scattered on the floor. They also saw the head of the village lamenting and were baffled.

The actual reason behind the lament of the head of village is that, Raju, Pandu and their parents have taken away the wealth that was hidden in the bungalow.

The head of the village had cheated the villagers and amassed a lot of wealth. Along with that, he also had hidden his personal wealth in the bungalow. He even created rumours stating that the bungalow is haunted so that no one would dare to visit it.

The entire village was shocked and wondered how out of so many people only they could identify the fact!

The story that actually took place was...

After hitting the son of the head of the village, Raju and Pandu waited near the bungalow till dark. As they were about to go to their homes, they saw a few people with lanterns going towards the bungalow. Immediately Raju and Pandu started following them. The children waited till the people left the bungalow and later entered it. To their great surprise, they saw wealth worth crores. An idea stuck Raju immediately. 

Raju sent Pandu first and made him narrate the terrifying tale, instigating his parents to go to the bungalow in search of their son. Later he suggested Pandu and their parents to reach the place soon.

And in this way intelligently Raju left the cunning head of the village and his son in tears.

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