Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Navitha Reddy



Navitha Reddy


Ganga (The Impure) Part 4

Ganga (The Impure) Part 4

4 mins

Part 4 

Ganga came to meet Sheetal the next day. Sheetal's mother invited her inside and made her wait in the living room. Rhea was playing in a baby rocker. Ganga gave a sweet smile and picked up Rhea and caressed her. Rhea loved her new caretaker in the first meeting itself. She was enjoying the company of Ganga.

Sheetal was observing Ganga from the nearby window. Rhea was very comfortable with Ganga. This was the first time, she was comfortable with a stranger. Sheetal was impressed by Ganga. She liked the way Ganga handled Rhea. Ganga was dressed in a simple cotton saree and looked very decent. Something attracted Sheetal towards Ganga. She felt that Ganga was not a stranger to her.

Ganga bagged this caretaker job. Sheetal spoke to her about the formalities, salary and gave complete details about the responsibilities to be handled in the US. Ganga will be travelling on a tourist visa. After 6 months they will apply for a work permit. 

Sheetal called up Yathish to check if he had booked his tickets as the wedding date was nearing. Yathish informed her that due to important project work, he may not be able to join them and was very sorry about it. Sheetal was angry and disappointed. She never expected this from Yathish. She tried to console herself and told him about the appointment of a caretaker for Rhea. "Yathish, listen to me. I met a lady here who is very good, she looks after Rhea very well and seems to be well mannered too. I liked her and she is trustworthy too. I finalized her pay 900 dollars per month along with food and stay. The only backdrop is she doesn't have a work permit now, so I am arranging for a tourist visa. I informed her not to tell our neighbours and friends that she works for us. Instead, I told her to tell she is your Aunt. A far relative who is coming to the US for sightseeing on a tourist visa". Yatish was completely ok with this. He was relieved that he need not worry about household chores and taking care of Rhea. "Sheetal, I am fine, with your decision. You can bring her with you when you travel back to the US. I will come to pick you guys. Convey my apologies to Payal, surely I will plan to meet them next time. Buy some expensive gifts for her on my behalf. I am eagerly waiting to see you and Rhea. Love you, dear!!! Take care!!!" saying so, he disconnected the call. 

One fine day grand wedding took place. Ganga could not attend the wedding, due to her visa work. She stayed back in Mumbai. She finished all formalities and packed her bags.

Sheetal, Rhea, and Ganga flew to the US. The plane landed at New York airport. Sheetal handed over Rhea to Ganga in the airport and moved to the luggage counter to pick up the luggage. She picked up baggage and put them on a trolley. Ganga was excited and awestruck looking at the NEW YORK airport, new people, and their attire. Some were busy on cell phones, some were kissing goodbyes to their loved ones. Few lovers were romancing in public and no one cared about them.

All 3 of them moved towards the exit, Yathish parked his car in the airport parking lot and was waiting for Sheetal. He was meeting his wife and kid after a long time. He spotted Sheetal and waved at her. He smiled at her, Sheetal too waved her hand at Yatish. Yathish spotted someone walking behind Sheetal, clad in a white saree with small blue flower prints, grey hair, and wrinkled skin. He thought it was his hallucination, he rubbed his eyes and saw again. It was her. Yes, it is is her !!! Oh crap, What is she doing here?? Ganga walked slowly with Sheetal, holding Rhea in her arms.

Yathish felt like a tornado coming close to him. Ganga was equally shocked, yet happy. She flashed a smile at him. She never thought that she will see him again in this lifetime. She wanted to hug her son and feel him. She held back her emotions, As she was not aware of how Yathish would react. She stood there looking at him and tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt a lump in her throat, She wiped her tears with pallu. Tried to avoid showing her tears to Sheetal.

Sheetal hurried towards Yathish and hugged him tightly. She was happy to see him. Yathish was still looking at Ganga with his eyes wide opened. He felt the world around him spinning like a wheel. He was in a dilemma now, many questions were popping into his mind. Do Sheetal know about Ganga?? What if she gets to know about us?? What will happen if Ganga reveals about me to Sheetal??? 

Ganga stood there thanking god in her mind!!! She hugged Rhea to show her embracement to Yatish.

To be continued.....!!!

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