Shobhit शोभित



Shobhit शोभित


Elections In 2024

Elections In 2024

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It is election time and city is full of posters boasting of promises from candidates. Everyone is trying to sell moon for free to get votes. After casting of votes, it is going to be normal as it has happened every time in past.


There was a long series of protests done by us to cast our vote from home rather than be in queue at polling booth and it was finally accepted by the election commission and President. There was a PIL filed against it in court but it was rejected.


I am very happy that in morning when voting lines will get open, I will be able to vote from comfort of my home using my mobile and punching my Aadhar card. My phone has finger print censor so there will be no issue of foul-voting also. 5 years long struggle has finally paid off. I am going to have very peaceful sleep.


Someone was banging my gate in morning as I wake up. There was a gang of gangsters roaming around in our area. They have actually captured the whole locality and were forcing everyone to vote in favour of their candidate.


I checked my phone and found there was no signal. I checked my wifi dongle it was not working. I am sure they have shut mobile towers off somehow. I am not able to reach anyone for help. I am actually stuck.


Finally they have entered my house and grabbed me and my wife and made us cast our vote as per their wish. There is no point loosing life for a fucking vote.


Now I feel that traditional system of using ballot paper or EVM at polling booth was much better idea as security persons have to just safeguard one area and more force can be there. Now as voting can happen anywhere, it is nearly impossible to guard every house. They can’t be blamed.


I am feeling shame on our, so many, protests being done to just make booth capturing alive again after so many years of peaceful voting for the sake of comfort. The candidates, who are looting votes in this way, will run country to ashes for sure.


Please forgive me.



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