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Dreams To Live For

Dreams To Live For

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Wake Up Sid!!! I am sure everyone of you reading this must have watched this film... I don't know if this movie inspires you, but it definitely does to me.

Well, I never loved magazines before, coz I haven't ever read them. But, just don't know how it sculpted my dream towards creativity and writing of magazines.

I know, I have raced too far towards imaging my dreams. But as said there is no tax in learning about your dream. We all have such dreams of earning rich pounds, traveling round the world in Porsche.

Big dreams.... indeed!!

I too do not deny by the fact of earning such madness at hand. But, today the fact of earning little happiness in small things is sure enough for me.

An unbelievable madness of having a car or to be precise enough, my first car... NANO. I know it's quite funny and strange but just imagining the thought of driving through the beauty of nature across the hills and valleys mesmerizes me, the feel of each and every breath as we pass through the light and soothing wind just fills me up with freshness and positivity all over.

A sweet little walk on the cool wet grass just spilled colors of joy in me.

Well, these images are not the dreams to die for rather the ' Dreams To Live For. '

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