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Apoorva Agarwal



Apoorva Agarwal


It's Still A Mystery

It's Still A Mystery

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Life is so unsorted and unexpected. We might be suspecting a new turn, a new choice, a new fall or maybe a new me. We do come across a lot of people, what sparks that little child inside you might not be found in every other you meet. But, just calm down, look around, feel the vibe around you, feel your feelings, you might just have come across one.

How far do we believe that this piece of entertainment does rush your heartbeat to another sore, another laugh, another chaos, another praise or maybe another love? All we knew until was just logic, now you step in as a free soaring bird.

Being 21 today doesn't mean that I am ready to laugh or fall or depart or encounter that feeling yet but the butterfly still tinkles in my stomach, swim through my veins and reaches to my heart. Even though it does not makes me alive in the real world but it does keep me awake through these melodies and words.

I am sure, you all must have come across a lovely expression and an abnormal but a pure feeling by just passing through these lyrics or maybe these expressive dialogues. For, you guys might have heard about this beautiful movie "ME BEFORE YOU" and the song of its "PHOTOGRAPH" and just so as it goes:-

"And you can hurt me,

That's okay baby

Only words bleed, inside

these pages

you just hold me,

I won't ever let you go

Wait for me to come home"

I might not get through this pain, but we surely can feel this, that love is waiting for you on your doorstep, though not so pleased by your words but still knows that these pages might fade away but the love for you will always remain enlightened...

Will continue with this on another episode of love, life and confusing mystery of life with an all-new subject of song's lyrics or movie dialogues...

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