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Apoorva Agarwal

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Calcutta - City Of Dreams

Calcutta - City Of Dreams

3 mins

How i wish, i would be a 23yr old in late 20th century. You guys must be wondering that why 20th century? what was so special about it? people had such lay back approach towards life then?

Well, a special thought and dream resides behind this wish. Hope you follow the imagination as I narrate you this beautiful dream of mine. 

It was a serene weather after the blissful rains had gone. The roads smelled full of wet soil and trees were whirling with joy all around. It was 9am in the morning, people were busy in their chores. And then that soft voice exclaiming, "Aai, I am going to college." 

A 23yr old, 5 ft and 3 inches tall, she was wearing a red and black salwar suit, long open hair and a beautiful smile across her face as she wears her favorite kolhapuri chappals and walks out of the house wishing her Aai and Baba a goodbye flying kiss and leaves for her college.

Today was something different from every other day. She was more happy than usual, I guess because she had always loved rains and there after serenity so much that made her smile from beneath her heart. 

Not just her dress but her smile and feet were dancing and flowing with her happiness. She carried a book along with her and she always tried to reach 2 mins late for the trams. The reason behind it was even more interesting as she loved to catch the trams by running towards them and then a sudden step up on the tram, gave her immense pleasure.

Little did she knew that this city is not only famous for trams but for love too. Yes, i am talking about the famous city of love - CALCUTTA (now known as Kolkata). 

This place had always a dream, catching trams and those rickshaws driven by man power and not motors, and not to forget the yellow coloured taxis which only upper class could afford. 

No matter how far the weekly bazaar would be from home, she used always travel down that lane as her love for books was beyond every other thing. She used to always visit the 'College Street' - the weekly bazaar. Just so she loved the smell of rains, she loved the smell of paper backed books and had no stopping going there. 

And as she returned from college every evening would bring the famous Rasgulla from mishthan bhandar for her baba. 

Every Sunday was a bliss for her as she used to take the beautiful and famous boat ride - Batchari Boat ride on Hooghly river, crossing the Howrah Bridge during evening when the bridge is all lit with golden lights all over and the serene wind across her face made her happy more so as she wished...

How so I wish I could really travel back to late 20th century and fulfill all my dreams of visiting Calcutta in those old golden times and wish to stay there for at least a month and experience these little cherished moments...

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