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Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics


Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics

Dr. Nitya - IV

Dr. Nitya - IV

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It was Sunday so Dr. Nitya was quite relaxed. On Sundays the junior doctors normally used to take care of the patients and only if there is any urgency then they could call senior doctors / surgeons. 

After a long time dr Nitya was in a mood to do her dance riyaz. Surekha was already there. She got the house cleaned from her helper. Now she was going to prepare lunch as per the menu given by Nitya, she told to make some light food as evening dinner was going to be in party. 

The party was for people who have got transferred to Delhi from other army stations, also for newly appointed officers, junior doctors and nurses and some cadets who had completed their rigorous training successfully and were appointed at Delhi army station.

Dr. Chaitanya called dr Nitya and told to be ready at 7 : 30 sharp in the evening so that he can come to pick her up and on the way Dr. Shivangi and Dr. Varun were going to join them, and so they could reach to the party hall in time i.e. at 8 pm. There was going to be a welcome speech by senior officer's and doctors who were going to welcome the new recruits for their respective departments. And after that was dance, games, drinks and dinner. 

Nitya was very happy today, she wore her favourite chiffon sari with sleeveless blouse and she chose a pearl necklace which was going well with it and giving a rich look. All these things suited her personality as Army doctor, and at the same time a gorgeous, beautiful, smart young lady. Even Dr Chaitanya was looking dashing in his suit and a matching tie. Both were complimenting each other as today they were going to do a couple dance.

As such Army persons are basically very romantic. As they get to enjoy life on fewer occasions when they get time from busy and strict schedule. At work they have to be disciplined but otherwise they are quite romantic and with zeal for life.

 So Chaitanya come to Dr. Nitya's house and she was all ready. Chaitanya just have a glance at her and said, " gorgeous young doctor, shall we go ? And he give his hand which she hold from his elbow, and tell him, yes Chaitanya you are looking handsome and charming too , let's go." 

Both of them first go to Dr. Shivangi and then to Dr. Varun and all of them reach the party hall. As soon as they enter into the hall new recruits were stunned to see both young female doctors especially Dr. Nitya who was looking so gorgeous today.

Now it was Dr. Chaitanya' s turn to feel bit insecure so he held dr Nitya's hand to book himself as her dance partner. He felt like being protective today for Nitya. She too liked the way he held her hand.

Almost all were now present and hall was full now. So senior officer's and brigadier took over the charge of the party. It started with formal speech, introduction of existing and new employees. And then music and lighting was on and people started coming on dance floor. Today brigadier Sir and madam i.e. his wife were going to announce the best couple.

For Army it is said that, " If we can't defend the honor of our women, how do you suppose us to defend the honor of our country. "  And it has to be proved right by each and every Army man before passing out in rigorous training. They are also judged by their behaviour towards women.

Many couples, not necessarily married or girlfriend - boyfriend, but even colleagues, friends came on floor to dance. So Dr. Nitya and Chaitanya, and Dr. Varun and Shivangi also joined. Rest all were watching dance, few were enjoying chatting with each other and getting personally introduced. 

On the dance floor few couples were left who wanted to participate in dance where couples have to come closer and closer and have to dance everytime in smaller space on floor. Whoever last till the end becomes the winner. Though Nitya and Chaitanya and Varun Shivangi didn't dance till the end and winners were newly joined cadets but when prize were announced Dr. Chaitanya and Dr. Nitya were happily surprised to get most gorgeous looking couple for the day. Chaitanya looked at Nitya with adoration and give a thumbs up to cheer.

Now it was time for dinner and drinks. And before that soup, starters were served. It was almost 11:30 and everyone wanted to finish the dinner. All went to buffet tables to get their dinner, only officers and above were allowed to drink, not the juniors and cadets as per the rule. Doctors normally avoid taking drinks.

In the meantime a soldier enter with a paper and it seemed that it was important message, as he directly walked to brigadier Sir to handover the paper. Sir read the message and quickly took a Mike in hand, as it was the only feasible way to convey the message. Sir announced that, " all present here, please have your attention. There is a terrorist attack on borders of Jammu and Srinagar and our soldiers have given a great fight and have killed few terrorist and rest of the terrorist got injured and handed over to respective authorities to take their custody. During the fight with terrorist our few soldiers have badly got injured so surgeons and doctors team needs to immediately rush there. They can finish dinner fast, go and keep their luggages ready as Army vehicle will come to pick them up at 4: 30 am and they will be taken by Army plane to the place where this terrorist attack was done. So Dr. Chaitanya, Dr. Nitya and Dr. Varun your names are mentioned here so hurry up. " 

All three of them finish their dinner and leave the hall after saying " good night " to brigadier Sir and his wife. Brigadier wish them luck and tell them to take care. 

Dr. Chaitanya and Nitya drop Varun to his house and dr Chaitanya decide that he will take his luggage and will go to Nitya's place. So both of them come to Chaitanya ' s place. Chaitanya go inside take his two uniforms, other clothes and necessary things like shaving kit, comb, toothbrush - paste and his favourite book to read, his specs etc. and come back to hall in the meantime dr Nitya take water to drink for herself and keep one glass of water for Dr. Chaitanya.

Chaitanya lock the door and take his luggage and he tell the vehicle driver to pick him up from dr Nitya' s house as luckily dr Chaitanya receive his call at that time. 

Now while on the way Chaitanya ask Nitya, " hey, you have no objection that at this time I am coming to your home, i mean you don't have any fear ? What if......". So Nitya reply to that with laughter, " Chaitanya are you mad ? Why would I take any objection or have fear ? We are well educated people and this is all a part of our duty. You are not wrong in asking this as such, if this would have been few months back then yes, your being over protective and caring for me used to irritate me but now i understand your behaviour and my way of looking at things have changed now especially for you. "

So what is it that has changed between two of us....they have to stop their conversation as they enter into the gate of Nitya's house. Nitya too goes inside and start packing her luggage. And Chaitanya was just lying on sofa in the hall.

When she comes to the hall, it was almost 2 am. Both decide to just take rest for two hours. They set the alarm for 4am. Both were tired so were in fast sleep and suddenly the alarm sound wake them up. They had no time but to get up fast. First thing Nitya did was prepared coffee for them and after brushing teeth they drink coffee, there was no time for breakfast. 

There were two washrooms so simultaneously they could get ready, time saved. Both were ready in their uniforms and were looking smart. Chaitanya took the baggage outside and Nitya was checking if gas, lights if all switched off. She too come in the corridor with a lock. Exactly at 4 : 35 vehicle was at her door and dr varun was sitting inside. Nitya lock the main door and both take luggage and go and sit inside the vehicle.

In ten minutes time they were at army flight station and a flight was waiting there for them. All three of them, and two more captains were with them. All of them go inside the flight and flight take off. 

Who knows Dr. Nitya and Dr. Chaitanya may come closer in this trip and may get time to talk and express about how the things between them have changed and how it has changed Dr. Nitya. 


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