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Vrushali Date



Vrushali Date


Diary of a Rebound Girlfriend

Diary of a Rebound Girlfriend

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“Experiences limit us. They eventually turn into beliefs that inhibit our imaginations and disallow us from crossing beyond a certain boundary, isn't it? 

“It's said that the more experience one has, the wiser one gets. But, on the contrary, the more the experience, the less the imagination or out-of-the-box thinking. Don't you think so?”

“See, for instance, If I hadn't visited Germany at all, how would it be in my imagination? Totally different from reality? Maybe, Germany in my mind would have been more mesmerizing than the real one? “

“We attach to our experiences so deeply in our thoughts, that we detach ourselves from openness to visualize things bigger and better,” she said gazing at the twilight skies which was now a fantastic canvas of colours with the red, orange, golden, and white colours splattered all over. She made a note of a bunny and an elephant from the cloud shapes in the sky. She still had many things to say and express her line of thoughts, but his silence discouraged her from speaking any further. “Shyam?” she called without facing him, her eyes still on the bunny whose ears were now melting into the deep blue ocean.

He didn't reply. But, he could see where she was leading to. 

It's true, if I had never experienced love, I would have imagined a more beautiful version of it, instead of restricting my behavior and thoughts to my experiences and beliefs. I would have looked at Vaibhavi in a different way, maybe in a more fulfilling way, or would have explored her overthinking but sensible mind. He shrugged at this thought and got up to dress.

Vaibhavi turned, rolled over her back, and watched him get dressed. He always seemed to be someone that she knows so well, yet a complete stranger surrounded and guarded by unlimited walls around him. There were landmines all around him. She was careful not to press any of them and blow him into a fit of rage or explode into a defensive granite. The walls were too strong for her to penetrate. Yet, her gut always saw a small child inside waiting for a rescue and a loving hug. This child within him was what attracted her to him. He had walked over the window to grab some fresh air before leaving and she fixated watching his silhouette against the red, orange skies in the evening. 

After he left, Vaibhavi pulled out her diary and wrote:

10th July 2015

Dear Diary,

Wonder if the ocean and the Sun have the same relationship as me and Shyam. The ocean endlessly waits for the Sun to cool down and melt in her arms, dipping his burnt body into her cold waters. She was his ocean and he was her Sun, burnt and damaged from the years of endless battles fought.

Life Hack:

If you want to be something, be the cool, calm, reassuring Ocean to someone's burning presence.

Yours Truly,


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