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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Rangini Makha

Romance Abstract Tragedy


Rangini Makha

Romance Abstract Tragedy

Dear Boyfriend,

Dear Boyfriend,

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My dear boyfriend,

How are you? I hope this letter finds you in good health. Where are you? I have been searching for you for over a month now. I would like to share a small story with you. A story of a flower and a child.

          One day, a flower bloomed in a garden. It was bright, faintly fragrant and it danced to the tunes of every breeze. A cheerful child, while playing around the garden, came across the flower. The child instantly fell in love with the flower. The flower too, seemed to smile and dance for the child. Enchanted, the child gently and very carefully plucked the flower and ran home in joy ! This was the happiest child to have the prettiest flower !!

          The child decided to hold the flower in a very special vase, place it in the center of his room and serve it with fresh water and lots of love every day. As the day dawned, the flower began to droop. By the next day, the flower began to fade and stink with the stench of stale water and seemed to befit a corner of the room. The happiest and the luckiest child, felt no longer so by looking at the flower, and the flower too no longer smiled at the child.

          Dear boyfriend, I am the flower and you, the child.

You had fallen in love with me for all the chirpiness and charm that I carried around. Now you tell me that I must talk just to you.

You fell in love with me, as you admired the carefree and independent girl that I was. Now you feel women empowerment and feminism have ruined my mind !

Why do you say the stage is no more a place for me to dance, for I know the stage is where you were first enchanted with me.

Why do you say these clothes are no more for me, for I remember, when this flowy skirt, drenched in the rains last year and sticked to my silhouette is when you first expressed your love to me.

Today, I am with you, just as you want me to be..but today the 'me' inside me has faded and so our love.

            Don't cry in the name of this fading love to tell me you feel insecure. For I fell in love with you, the over confident, flamboyant and brave man !! Where are you?? I am missing 'you'.

Do you know what the flower always tried to tell the child? It said, dear child, I love you as much as you love me, lets spend many many happy days together. I shall smile and dance for you, I shall offer all my sweet fragrance to you. But with all your love, please don't pluck me out from my roots. Thank you for the fresh water you have for me, but I do not need it, please offer the water to my roots, they make me what I am and keep me alive. Together, we shall spend many many beautiful days….

Yours lovingly,

your sweet girlfriend


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