Romance Thriller



Romance Thriller



5 mins

Erin and her significant other stood in silence, gazing at the stars and enjoying the peaceful silence of the night.  

Finally, some time to ourselves Erin thought. It had been long since she and Samuel had spent some time together. Samuel was in the military for the past 5 years and had taken a year off on the request of Erin

Just then her cell phone rang.  

"Hello? "

"Lieutenant Erin", Tom said, "Come fast at twin halls. We have found a case of murder". The line suddenly went dead.  

Erin looked at Samuel with painful eyes.  

He knew. With a pat on her back he told her to go for the benefit of others.  

With a promise that she would be back soon, Erin left. Little did she know it was going to be a very long night.  

Erin took her keys and speeded her car in the darkening night. Twin halls was a place right next to her best friend Lieutenant Rachel. They had worked together on thousands of cases catching murderers like a team.  

In her wildest dreams she wouldn't have guessed that this time she was going to solve this case alone.  

Twin halls:

It was midnight when Erin reached the crime site. Other lieutenants had also come and were busy looking for clues. When she saw the victim, her blood froze. Lying there in a pool of blood was Rachel.  

The world crushed for Erin. The person who had enormously helped her solve the cases with her brilliance was now dead, murdered by someone. When she was still assimilating all that had happened, Lieutenant Tom came to her and expressed his condolences. He started explaining that Lieutenant Rachel was shot by someone. The time of death was estimated to be 2-3 hours ago. A car had seen Rachel lying down and immediately called the police to inform them. The team had been searching for clues for about an hour now and yet nothing of importance was found except for a broche with the initials R. A. Tom showed Erin the broche and asked her to identify whether it was Rachel's.  

"No, Rachel never wore broches", said Erin.  

Which meant that there was only one explanation, the broche was of the Murderer.  

But why would he leave it on purpose, thought Erin.  

As she was examining the broche, it struck her, five years ago she and Rachel had helped the government catch the terrorist responsible for assassination of the Late President. The terrorist 's best friend had vowed to kill them both and warned Erin, "The moment you see this broche, know that I have come back to avenge my friend's death".

Had he really come back? Was she going to be killed next? Erin thought. Rex Atkinson as he called himself was just like a twin of the terrorist, brutal and cold. But how was it possible, Rachel had herself shot him. Hadn't he died? 

The answer was clear-NO! Erin sat in shock contemplating what to do next.  

Just then her phone rang, "Who is calling me at this time of the hour? "

"Hello, how are you doing Erin? Did you like my surprise? I am so sorry for Rachel, but dont worry, the next one to join her is you".  

"Where are you and what do you want?" asked Erin

"I am right in front of you Erin. Its a pity you won't recognise me. How does it feel to see your best friend dead?" saying so the caller hung up.  

Erin was in shock and was still reflecting on the caller's message when something struck her. "Oh my God, how could I miss that! ".

She called out to Lieutenant Nick and told him that she had solved the mystery. When they were busy discussing about their plan, a waiter from twin halls told Erin that the manager wanted to meet her because he had a valuable piece of information regarding the murderer.  

Erin gave a look to Nick and motioned behind the waiter. He escorted her to the relevant room. When Erin went inside, the person had his back towards her.  

"Hello, I am Lieutenant Erin. I believe you have some valuable information about the killer".

" I indeed do", saying so, the person turned towards her.  

After seeing him, Erin gave a loud shriek.  

The person was none other than Rex Atkinson. "It's been a long time since we have met", he said.  

"Why did you kill Rachel? "

"I had to take revenge, dear, but don't you worry, the next one to join her is you", saying so Rex held out a gun towards her.  

" You will never be able to escape if you shoot me, shouted Erin.  

"Ohh, don't you see, I have made provisions for that as well. I have an underground tunnel with the help of which I will escape, go to a different country, change my appearance and identity and live there happily ever after "

"I really doubt that Mr. Atkinson", saying so Lieutenant Nick came in.  

How in the world did you get here demanded Rex.  

No one knows the way here and and my assistant took perfect precautions to only have Erin in my room.  

With a hearty laughter Erin said, " After I received your message, I was thinking about it when one significant fact struck me. You said that you were very near to me and remembering that you and your friend were like twins, I knew, you were the owner of Twin halls and had named this place in the memory of your bond. When your waiter asked me to go in the room alone, I was sure it was you. I told Lieutenant Nick to follow me and keep a suitable distance. He was also co-ordinating with other Lieutenants and they were asked to follow him. So, you see, there's no way you can escape now, you have to pay for your crimes".

Rex was baffled now. His years of careful planning had gone all waste. He took the gun out and shot himself.  

Next morning-

"Erin, I feel so good to have you again by my side in the bed, I was so worried about you", said Samuel.  

" You know nothing can happen to me if I have your support, I love you so much".

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