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Sumit Kumar arora

Abstract Tragedy Action


Sumit Kumar arora

Abstract Tragedy Action

Captain Veda, The Destroyer.

Captain Veda, The Destroyer.

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Something strange was happening in that dense jungle that night. Something was present in the forest whose footsteps can be heard, whose presence could be felt, but whom the wildlife couldn’t see with eyes. That something was passing through the jungle, making its way through the thickets, trees, rocks, puddles and even across the deep water of the river that followed through the jungle. The jungle was situated in the neighboring country. Nobody except the terrorists and security personnel dares to enter that jungle. That something was no one else but captain Veda, the destroyer. He was on a mission. The mission was to find out a terrorist headquarters situated in this dense jungle cross the border and destroyed it.


Captain Veda had been given an order to be ready and move for that mission as soon as possible. He, as had been expected from him, presented himself before his officers with full preparations. After getting all the required information and instructions about the mission, he left the military headquarters. A military vehicle dropped him at a city located at the border. Here, he made himself invisible by covering himself and his weapons with a very thin layer made of special material.


 After walking for several hours, he reached the hill. As per the information provided to him, the headquarters was located on the other side of the hill. He activated his landmine detecting sensors and moved ahead with utmost care. Within a few minutes, he reached the top of the hill.

 Sitting on a rock of the hill, Captain Veda was looking down toward a building and some houses around that building which were his target. There was a narrow road on the other side which led to the nearby cities. At first sight, nothing was unusual about it. Anybody could easily take it for a small township or a village inhabited by civil people. But captain Veda knew the truth about that building and houses around it. Situated in the dense jungle, this building was the headquarters of the most dangerous terrorist group which was behind many terrorist attacks on his country and some other countries of the world.


Captain Veda was an android robot, a specialist in carrying out the military operations; especially against terrorists. For the first time in his career, he was going to carry out a military operation outside his country.

Before him, several missions had been sent to attack and destroy that headquarter, but all the missions were failed, and the many soldiers had to lose their lives. At last, it was decided to use the last and the most secret weapon. It was captain Veda.


He activated his scanners and some sensors to find out the positions and types of weapons and the number of terrorists in the area. Within minutes he found that the entire headquarters along with houses infested with terrorists and weapons. They also had chemical weapons. “That’s good. I have got a big prey,” was his response at this. He immediately began to transmit the images of the site to his headquarters which was thousands of miles away from him.


 Within seconds, he received a message, “well done.”

 “We want you to get online when you began operation,” headquarters gave him a command. He too, had a plan to transmit the entire operation online so he gave his assent.


 Now he was busy planning. Within a minute or two he decided when and how to carry out the operation. He spoke to himself, “Soon this stuff will be erased from the earth.”


 He was watching each activity going on in the area. Many heavily armed men were guarding the entire area. On the Watchtower, somebody was looking towards him with binoculars. Captain Veda waved his hand toward him and said in low volume, “It is of no use. I am invisible.” His invisibility made him the most powerful.

The movements in and around the building began to increase. Hundreds of terrorists were gathering around a podium in the ground in front of the building. Soon a man along with some bodyguards comes out of the building and began to give a speech from the podium.


Veda scanned him and found out that the man was nothing but one of the founders of that terrorist group.

Captain Veda was working as per his plan. He went down towards the building. He was passed by many armed guards. Nobody could notice his presence. The man was still giving his speech. Veda enters the building and joined the mob of terrorists and listened to the speech. He spent about two hours among terrorists without his presence being felt. He was so powerfully invisible.


And the night came. He was waiting for the right time to begin its operation. At midnight, when there was silence all around except the occasional sounds made by wild animals, everybody except him and nocturnal wildlife, was in a deep sleep loaded his weapons. He made his transmitters ready to transmit the operation to his headquarters. Within a few seconds, he was ready to fall on the terrorists.


He began to ascend the hill. Soon he reached the entrance of the building. Those unfortunates who were guarding the building were his first target. Without delaying a second, he did away with them by using his silent gun giving them no chance for either to do anything against him or even to scream. After a few seconds, flashed a beam of blue light targeting the building followed by ear-piercing sounds of explosions. Within a few moments, there were smoke, fire, and explosions all around the building. The building was burning and began to pull down. His next target was the houses occupied by the terrorists. Next moment a beam of red light began to break apart the houses hurling the debris high in the air. Within two minutes the entire headquarters of the terrorists was demolished. The entire show was being transmitted online.


He didn’t stop at this. He began to search the site for anyone who survived the attack. He found some injured terrorists who were trying to flee from the scene. He mercilessly killed him.

Doing all this, he looked around. Now nothing except fire, smoke, and debris existed. The mission was over successfully. Now it was time to return to his country, to his headquarters. Just then he heard sirens coming from the other side of the building. He looked in that direction. Many ambulances and police cars were coming towards the site. He thought something and did some calculations. He still had enough power to carry out another operation and he decided to stay for some more time at the site. Now he had a plan for those ambulances and police. He leaped towards them and within seconds he was standing before the coming ambulances. He triggered his laser gun. Once more a began a wave of ear-piercing explosions, fire, and smoke and within a few seconds, all the ambulances and police vans had been burnt down. He scanned the site and found nobody alive there. There was nothing around except the fire, smoke, and debris.

“Well done. You have proved yourself. You alone are equal to a battalion of soldiers, you are really a destroyer,” was a message to him from his headquarters. He heard helicopters coming nearer. He looked up in the sky and found about a dozen helicopters were coming towards the site. He waited for them to come nearer. Soon the helicopters began to hover above the site. As soon as some of them came to his firing range, he opened his laser gun. A helicopter was hit by a laser. Without wasting a second, he hit second and was going to hit the third one but the third one was lucky. No more shot from the gun, perhaps all the power had been used or some other problem with the gun. It didn’t matter for him because he had already completed his mission.

“Leave the spot immediately. Don’t stay there for a single second,” was the next command from his headquarters. So, he left the spot and began his journey to his headquarters. Two days later, he was present before the chief officer of the headquarters. The chief admired him for successfully carrying out the mission. “Be prepared for some more such missions,” the chief said to him when he was about to take leave from the chief.


“Needn’t to say for preparation, I, Captain Veda, the destroyer, am always ready for such endeavor,” Captain Veda replied with courtesy.


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