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Ishita Khanna



Ishita Khanna


Boss Become Lover

Boss Become Lover

7 mins

A girl who is studying B. Com got a job opportunity which was told by her school teacher. Her school teacher called him in an office where she will do that job. She goes there and asked the receptionist that she had called by a school teacher. The receptionist called her boss so her boss said to send him in. The girl entered the cabin of the boss.

Boss - Hi! I'm Kartik. Your boss

Girl - Hi! I'm Tanya

Kartik - Are you here for the interview?

Tanya - I'm here because my teacher called me.

Kartik - who?

Tanya - Her name is Nidhi

Kartik - okay you sit here.

Tanya sits on the chair and Kartik started doing her work. When Kartik was doing her work Tanya saw him and give a smile.

Kartik - Do you know all the functions of the laptop?

Tanya - Not all

Kartik - Do you know what an assistant has to do?

Tanya - Yes

Kartik - What things they have to do?

Tanya - He/she has to listen to all the orders of the boss.

Then her teacher enters.

Teacher - Hi! Tanya and Kartik

Tanya - Good afternoon mam

Teacher - Sit Tanya

Tanya - No it's ok mam

Teacher - Tanya I call you here for the job. I think you will be very good for this job. Do you know what job you have to do?

Tanya - No ma

Teacher - Kartik you didn't tell her.

Kartik - No

Teacher - So just tell her to know

Kartik - You are seeing this desk it's for you. Tanya, you will sit here near me and listen to all my orders. Whatever I say you have to do related to work.

Teacher - If you have any problem you can ask her

Tanya - Do I have to go to a meeting with you also?

Kartik - Yes. Wherever I go you have to go with me because you will handle all the things of mine related to work.

Tanya - Mam I can't do this job. Sorry

Teacher - Tanya I know you can that's why I tell her about you. I know your worth believe me Tanya

Tanya - But mam.......

Kartik interrupted

Kartik - Can I talk to her alone di for some time if you don't mind.

Teacher - Yeah sure.

Kartik - Plz sit on this chair.

Tanya goes and sits on the chair where she will sit after she gets the job.

Kartik - What do you feel?

Tanya - Nothing

Kartik laugh

Tanya - You are making fun of mine. Right

Kartik - No. It's not like this. Tell me why you can't do this job?

Tanya - It's the job for the person who has good confidence in herself.

Kartik - You don't have confidence

Tanya - You are not understanding Kartik I got scared when I go in the group discussions.

Kartik - You called me by my name. Wow

Tanya - sorry

Kartik - it's okay you can call me by my name when we are alone only. Okay

Tanya - Plz understand I really can't do this job.

Kartik - Don't worry I'm with you

Tanya - I don't even know many things about it.

Kartik - you just have to follow my orders and I know all the things that what you can do and what you cannot do so don't worry. Okay.

Tanya - you have already decided that you want only me for this job

Kartik - yes

Tanya - okay then I will ask my parents first and then I will tell you.

Kartik - so it means yes from your side.

Tanya - yes but you have to be always there for me when I got scared because you said you will be always there that's why I am accepting this job.

Kartik - Don't worry I will always be there for you.

Tanya - okay. Then I will first ask my parents about this job then I'll tell you.

Kartik - Take this card. There is a number on this card of mine you can tell me in the evening that what your parents have decided.

Tanya - okay

Then Tanya goes away from there and at home, she talked to her parents and her parents ready for her job. Then she called Kartik and tell her about it and then Kartik said that she can come office from tomorrow.

Then the next day she goes to the office she is very nervous. On the gate, Kartik was standing behind her but she didn't know it.

Kartik - hi! Tanya

Tanya got scared and she turned around

Tanya - you scared me

Kartik  - really. But I thought you will be surprised by seeing me.

Tanya just gives a small smile to her and then they both entered the office. Kartik introduced Tanya to all the people in the office and then they both started there work. Then they become good friends but one-day Kartik comes from her father's room and sits on her desk being upset.

Tanya - Kartik what happened?

Kartik - nothing

Tanya - you can tell me if anything is bothering you

Kartik( angrily) - I said na nothing. Why are you not understanding it? 

Tanya - Kartik you are upset that's why I am asking you why you are upset?

Kartik (angrily)- Don't ask. Don't worry about me and who you are? Are you my friend or relative? What? That I will tell you everything.

Tanya - kartik we are friends na

Kartik ( shouted) - no we are not friends. There are only a boss and an employee relation between us. And I'm your boss, you are not my boss that I will be answerable to you.

Tanya - how rudely are you behaving to me Kartik?

Kartik - just shut up Tanya and do your work. Don't tell me how to behave.

Tanya - calm down Kartik

Kartik - Don't call me Kartik call me sir and you are here for the work not to make a relationship with me so do that work only.

Tanya sees him in a shocking way. Afterward, Tanya leaves the office.

On the next day, Tanya went to the office and she started saying Kartik sir. Whenever Tanya has to say something to Kartik she addressed him by calling sir. When the time has come that Tanya has to go home Kartik stopped him.

Kartik - Tanya listen

Tanya - yes sir

Kartik - come with me

Tanya - but where sir? 

Kartik - just pick your bag and come with me

Tanya picked her bag and started following him. They had reached a place which was not crowded.

Tanya - why did you bring me here sir?

Kartik - listen to me very carefully Tanya

Tanya - okay sir

Kartik - Tanya first stop calling me sir and second don't interrupt me plz

Tanya - but sir.......

Kartik - shhh...... Tanya, I'm sorry about tomorrow. I know I became very rude. I'm really sorry for my behavior

Tanya - what if I don't accept your sorry?

Kartik - plz Tanya don't do like this to me

Tanya - but........

Kartik - and I want to tell you a secret. Tanya, I love you and everyone knows this

Tanya - everyone?

Kartik - yes. Your parents, friends, my parents, and sister also

Tanya was shocked

Kartik - I know it's a big shock for you but it's the truth

Tanya - all the people know except me

Kartik - yes

Tanya - it's not right

Kartik - I know but I really love you a lot

Tanya - so you give me this job because you love me

Kartik - no. Tanya no. It's not like that. I went to di and tell them that I need someone who can handle my work in the office so they preferred you.

Tanya - you are lying

Kartik - no. I'm not lying it's true you can ask them.

Tanya - why didn't you tell me earlier?

Kartik - because I'm afraid that you will leave me and this job also.

Tanya - so why are you telling me now?

Kartik - because I can't hide it anymore and what happened yesterday was making difference between us.

Tanya - what if I don't feel the same?

Kartik- nothing I just want to see you happy or nothing else.

Tanya - so now it will affect our friendship?

Kartik- no it will not

Tanya - Kartik see here

Kartik saw her

Tanya - I love you too Kartik

Kartik was shocked

Tanya - I just want to see what will be your reaction when I say no.

Kartik hugged him tightly

Kartik- l love you and I will never leave you

Tanya - I love you too

They both know together and living happily together.

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