Ishita Khanna

Drama Romance


Ishita Khanna

Drama Romance

Meet Her Crush

Meet Her Crush

9 mins

A girl named Sonakshi meets her crush her name was Manav who is a tik-tocker. Sonali meet him in mall she got shocked and can't utter a single word in front of her. Sonali friend karan know Manav very well and they both are friends. Karan introduced Sonali to Manav.

After that meet they started chatting and they meet each other also someday. Sonali loves to sing and she sing and dance at some big coffee shop and other places also. She had a event in Mumbai and in that event she called Manav and her friends also.

The event started she sang some single songs and some songs with Karan also when Karan sang song alone Sonali sit with Manav and her friends. There is a point come where Manav and Sonali was sitting alone. Manav notice that Sonali was getting a call but she was not picking up.

He don't know why? Her friends come back and then sonali went to sing a song. She just started singing a song suddenly a boy named Abhi come and twist Sonali's hand and took her outside. Manav and her friends we're shocked and Manav was standing to go outside.

Manav went and see that Abhi was shouting on Sonali and then Abhi raise her hand to slap Sonali but Manav stopped him.

Abhi - who are you? Why are you coming in between us?

Manav - I'm sonali's boyfriend

Abhi - what?

Sonali was also shocked. Then sonali come and stand between Manav and abhi.

Sonali - Abhi wait I'll first send him in and then talk to him by going in then I will talk to you okay

Abhi - First send him in

Manav (to abhi) - why? Are you afraid?

Sonali - Manav plz I don't want any fight just come with me

Manav - no

Sonali - plz Manav plz

Then karan come

Sonali - karan plz take him in

Manav - I'm not going

Sonali - plz Manav plz. I'm requesting Manav plz

Then karan and Manav both go in and afterwards sonali also come in and sit near Manav

Sonali - Manav doesn't interfere in this

Manav - what?

Sonali - plz try to understand Manav. Plz. I don't want any drama plz Manav

Manav didn't say anything and sonali go outside to talk to abhi. Manav didn't control herself so he and her friends also go outside and they are seeing everything from a distance.

Abhi - you are having a boyfriend

Sonali - what you want from me abhi?

Abhi (shouted) - just give the answer of my question first.

Sonali - yes, he is my boyfriend . You leave me so I can have another boyfriend of my wish.

After listening this Abhi slapped Sonali and Manav didn't control herself so he comed and slapped him. Then Manav and Abhi got into a fight fastly sonali come in between them and stopped them.

Sonali - Abhi just go from here. I don't want any drama here. Plz go from here.

Abhi - just shut up sonali.

Manav come and hold the hand of sonali

Manav - you can't talk to my girlfriend like this.

Abhi - shut up

Sonali - abhi plz go from here otherwise I'll call the police

After hearing those words suddenly a voice come of the police horn.

Abhi friend- let's go police is coming

Abhi - i will see you sonali and Manav. Just wait and watch.

When Abhi has just gone sonali started crying.

Manav - stop crying. You are crying for that person. Plz stop crying

Sonali ( to Manav) - why you do this?

Karan - because it is the right thing to do sonali

Sonali - no it is not the right thing to do

After saying this sonali went to the other side of that place.

Manav friend - just leave him alone for sometime

Karan - no, Manav you are the only one who can explain her that what you did was all right. I know Manav that she will understand you and listen you patiently.

Manav - why you believe that she will listen me?

Karan - because I know that she loves you and she will be calm when you talk to her.

Manav friend - Manav also love sonali even he is going to propose her today but all this happen so it is not the right time

Karan - no it is the right time

Manav - no, I don't think so. She is really sad today.

Karan - it is the right time Manav i know her very well. Firstly, she say no because she don't want that you will be in trouble because of him but then she will say yes when you explain her that by being together you will be more powerful and can fight with her.

Then Manav went to sonali and he hugged sonali from behind

Manav - stop crying

Sonali - Manav what are you doing?

Manav - I'm doing nothing

Sonali - leave me

Manav - no

Sonali - you can't hug me like this Manav?

Manav - but why? I'm your boyfriend and I can hug you like this.

Sonali - no you are not my boyfriend

Manav turn sonali towards her

Manav - i have said in front of all that I'm your boyfriend and you excepted it

Sonali - no we can't be in a relationship

Then sonali set down on the bench . Manav went to him.

Manav - why? You love me i know that

And then her friends also come there

Sonali - no, I don't love you

Kartik - don't lie sonali. You confessed me that you love Manav

Sonali - shut up karan right know the situation is different

Manav - what different?

Sonali - Manav plz try to understand. You don't know Abhi. He can do anything to take revenge from you.

Manav - so what?

Sonali - you are saying so easily Manav

Manav - i have you, my friend so why I'll be afraid from him.

Sonali - you don't know him. He can do anything to take revenge and I can't put your life and there's life in risk. Plz try to understand.

Manav - do you love me Or not?

Sonali - Manav......

Manav - I want to hear yes or no

Sonali - yes I love you Manav but....

Manav - i don't want to hear anything else.

Sonali - Manav plz listen to me

Manav - okay

Sonali - can we talk alone guys if you don't mind.

Karan - obviously , why not we will wait for you guys

As they go there. Sonali holds Manav's hand.

Sonali - Don't do this. I can't put you in this situation. He can do anything to take revenge. He is a dangerous Manav. Plz try to understand.

Manav didn't say anything he just hugged her tightly. After sometime, 

Manav - as I know you always said that you want a guy in your life who can understand your problem and help you to solve them so if I'm doing that thing so what's wrong in it. There is nothing wrong right sonali.

Sonali - yes

And after hearing this she got a little bit relief. Then Manav kissed her on her forehead and they both walk towards there friends and they all head towards there home.

On the next day, at sonali home

All the people are there except Manav. She didn't ask anybody that

where is Manav? 

And nobody even tell him that where he is?

 After 1 hour she called him.

( on call)

Manav - hello

Sonali - where are you?

Manav - no hello nothing just asking questions

Sonali - tell me where are you? All the people are here except you

Manav - awwwww my love is missing me.

Sonali - yes, I'm missing you. Come fast I need a hug

Manav - aww you need a hug but I don't need that

Sonali - so what you need?

Manav - a kiss and I'm happy

Sonali - shut up

Manav - I'm talking about a kiss on cheeks

Sonali - shut up and come fast

Manav - I'll be there in 2 hours

Sonali - 2 hours?

Manav - yes love, right now I'm little bit busy. After finishing this work I'll be there with you

Sonali - okay, I'll wait for you. Bye

Manav - love you. Bye

Sonali - love you too. Bye and come fast

After 2 hours ,

There was someone standing outside the door as the bell ring sounded. Sonali fastly got up and open the door. When she saw there was Manav standing outside the door she smile and said come in. But Manav was not alone there was her uncle also who was in police .

When sonali saw him her smile face become sad in just 1 second. Manav and her uncle comed in sonali give them water and after that she stand at a distance and call Manav through her gesture. Manav got up and they both go into the room.

In room,

Manav come and hugged sonali from behind and kissed her on her cheek

Manav - I missed you so much

Sonali - why your uncle comed here?

Manav - I'm saying that I missed you and you are asking all this.

Sonali - just sit here and tell me why your uncle comed here?

Manav hugged him

Manav - I'm talking about good stuff and you are talking about this. You know how badly I missed your hug.

Sonali also hugged her tightly

Sonali - I missed you too Manav but after seeing your uncle. I'm afraid

Manav - afraid why?

Sonali - it seems that something happen bad

Manav - nothing happens bad don't worry. He just comed here to see who is the person I love the most and want that she will become my life partner.

Sonali had a big smile on his face

Manav - you look more pretty while smiling. Don't be sad again

Sonali - plz tell me why he comed here?

Manav - I already told you love

Sonali - I know he is here because of abhi. You told him all the things about abhi.

Manav - yes

Sonali - but why Manav?

Manav - because I want to close this chapter and live happily with you

Sonali - but Manav if something happened wrong?

Manav - be positive

Sonali - How can I be positive? I don't trust him Manav. He can do anything to hurt us.

Manav - i talked to uncle and he said that we don't have to worry he will see all the things and I'm also saying the same to you sonali

Sonali didn't say anything

Manav - now don't worry about all this let's go outside

They both get up and go outside. Then they all talked to each other. Discussed about Abhi and uncle give them the solution and said that they don't have to worry. He will see all the things.

After 1 month passed,

Uncle called them and said that Abhi will not trouble them for now onwards. When Manav hear this he got very happy and fastly go to Sonali and tell him the good news Sonali was also very happy. They both hugged each other.

Manav - now we can live happily without any tension

Sonali - yes

Manav - I love you Sonali

Sonali - I love you too

Then they started living happily without any tension of Abhi.

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