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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Ishita Khanna

Drama Romance


Ishita Khanna

Drama Romance

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

4 mins

A girl went to Jaipur to meet her friends. Every evening they go to the park. When the first day Ruchika went there she saw a boy and at that time she gets a smile on his face. She saw that boy another day also so she decided that she will find out all the things about that boy. She and her friends find out that her name is Parth and many more things. Parth also starts noticing Ruchika. One day Parth and her friends decided that they will give a flower to Ruchika. So he send her a flower from a child's hand to Ruchika. She accepted the flower and asked kid who send this flower to him. The kid indicated towards Parth and Ruchika understand that Parth sends him a flower. She gives chocolate to that kid and says bye to him.

 Then Ruchika goes and stand behind Parth and indicate her friends not to say anything.

Parth friend- Do you like Ruchika?

Parth - I don't know

Parth friend -So why you send him a flower? 

Parth - I noticed her for so many days that she saw me continuously

Parth friend - So that's why you send him a flower?

Parth - No. I don't know

Parth friend - Are you stupid?

Parth - I just want to know her

And then Ruchika kept her hand on Parth shoulder. Parth turns towards Ruchika and after seeing Ruchika he doesn't know what to do so he quickly gone from there and by seeing this Ruchika and her friends laughed. Ruchika talks to her friends and tell her about herself and said that she really like her.

On another day like all day she was continuously staring at her. She is having a book and a copy in his hands. So she decided that she will write a letter to him.

Dear Parth,

Hi! I'm Ruchika. I live in Rampur but because of my job, I shifted to Delhi. I think I don't have to tell you these things because your friend had already told you right. You are thinking that why I'm writing this letter to you so don't worry I will tell you. Tomorrow you send me the flower and afterward when I came to talk to you but you run away from there so I decided that I will write a letter to you. There is one thing more that I am angry with you because you send a flower from child's hand. Why don't you come and give me that flower? Parth I'm going to visit Manali tomorrow so I can't see you and I can't even talk to you. Parth like you I'm also a shy person but I also like you so why don't we do one thing let's talk on Instagram. I had already sent you the request. So if you don't mind just accept my request and talk so that we can know each other and when I came back we will meet here personally. Thank you so much for reading this letter and I really like you Parth.

                           - Ruchika 

Ruchika started going towards Parth. Ruchika reached there and say hi! to her friends and Parth started going again so she fastly holds her hand and says 1 minute Parth please listen to me and after that, you can go where you want to go. So Parth stopped and then Ruchika give her the letter.

Ruchika - Read it when I leave from here and give me a reply to the letter after thinking please.

Then Ruchika goes from there and Parth opened the letter and read it. He was in shock for some time because he didn't expect this. Then they both talked on Instagram for so many days. They now know each other very well. Then the day comes when Ruchika finally come from Manali.

Parth friend- Today Ruchika is coming so what are your plans?

Parth - I had prepared a surprise for her.

And then suddenly Parth's phone rang and it was Ruchika's call.

Ruchika - where are you? I want to meet you

Parth - no

Ruchika - okay. But I really want to meet you now.

Parth - we'll meet in the evening in the park. Okay

Ruchika - okay

In the evening Ruchika went to the park but she didn't saw Parth so she asked her friends that where he is? Her friends said that they don't know. Then suddenly someone put her hand on Ruchika shoulder and when she turned around she saw Parth sitting on her knees.

Ruchika - what are you doing?

Parth - Ruchika I love you. I know you are the only one who can handle me and I promise that I will never leave you. Will you be my life partner?

Ruchika was in shock she didn't know what to do. The crowd was shouting say yes say yes!! And then Ruchika says yes.

They both hugged each other and know they are living happily with each other

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