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Meet Her Ex

Meet Her Ex

5 mins

A girl was in a long-distance relationship with a guy whom she loves the most. One day, the girl went to Jodhpur for business work from Delhi for 10 days. The girl told her boyfriend that she was going to Jodhpur for 10 days. When the girl was being ready for the business trip there the boy was also getting ready to give a surprise to the girl by going to Jodhpur 2 days after she went there.

The girl went to Jodhpur and the next day she goes to the company where she has to work for 10 days. There she saw her ex at once. She thought that she recognized wrong but then the boss of the company introduced the boy who was the girl's ex. The girl believes that she is right, he is her ex and the boy also recognized her.

 The girl was being confident in front of her ex but deep inside she was afraid what would happen in the next 10 days when she has to work with him.

After 2 days,


The girl's boyfriend has come to Jodhpur for giving a surprise to his girlfriend. As it was Sunday that day, he knows that she is in her hotel room. So he went to her hotel room. The girl opened the door. The girl was surprised but more than the surprise she was shocked.

In her mind many things were running like:-

Why he is here? 

If he knows that my ex is also here what will he do?

If he knows that we work in the same company what will he think?

When these thoughts were running in her mind, the boy was standing outside the room and seeing her.

Rishabh - You didn't like the surprise?

Riya - I didn't like the surprise, I just loved it.

They both then go inside the room and talked with each other. The boy observes that the girl was lost in something.

Rishabh - Riya, are you okay?

Riya - Yes I'm. Why are you asking?

Rishabh - I'm observing you from the day you came to Jodhpur. When we are on call or video call you always sound like you are lost somewhere in your own thoughts. I thought you were busy recently because of work that's why it's all happening but now you are in front of me so I think there is something else that is bothering you. Riya, tell me what is bothering you. You can share with me. You can trust me

Riya - Rishabh, I trust you. It's just that I don't know after listening to this what will be your reaction.

Rishabh- Don't worry. Just tell me. If you share, you will feel good.

Riya - I know but I didn't want to fight with you.

Rishabh - Riya, just tell me. Now I can't wait. Please tell me

Riya - Okay but promise me, Rishabh, you won't fight with me.

Rishabh - Promise.

Then she tells him all the things: when, where, how she met her ex.

Rishabh- You're so stupid, Riya.

Riya - Why?

Rishabh  - How can you think that I will fight with you on this? You just met him accidentally or nothing else. I know you only love me, not anyone else and you didn't have feelings for him because he only wants a physical relationship and you didn't want that.

Riya - Please don't Rishabh. I don't want to hear these things again.

After hearing this, the boy hugged her.

Rishabh - Don't worry. You are only here for 8 days more. After that, we will both go to Delhi.

She didn't say anything. She was just feeling good, protected in his arms. She was feeling happy a lot now.

Before the end of 10 days, she achieved her goal for what she had come to Jodhpur. All were very happy for her and for the growth of the business also. So the boss decided to do the party and Rishabh was also invited there. They went to the party. In the party, Rishabh met Riya's ex.

Ex - Did Riya tell you about me?

Rishabh - Yes. Why are you asking?

Ex - I thought she didn't tell you that I'm her ex.

Rishabh - No, she already told me about you.

Riya was seeing both of them from a distance. Suddenly, she receives a call. She goes outside to attend the call. When she was going back inside the hotel some boys stop her and started teasing her. She cannot fight with them alone because they are so many. So she calls Rishabh.

Rishabh - Where are you?

Riya - Help me. Some boys Aaaaa my phone

After hearing this Rishabh runs quickly outside and after seeing Rishabh running hurriedly her ex also runs to see what happened. There her ex saw that Rishabh was fighting with boys because they misbehaved with Riya and at that point, he realizes that Rishabh is the right person for Riya.

Suddenly, there a voice comes which was Riya's voice who was calling her ex for help. So her ex comes and helps her. When the boys were gone Rishabh hugged her.

Rishabh - Don't worry they all are gone.

Riya ( to her ex)- Thank you 

Rishabh ( to Riya's ex) - Thank you so much for helping 

Ex- Guys, you both are made for each other. Be happy always.

Another day they both comes back to Delhi and continues living their own life. They all are now enjoying their own life happily.

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