Shobhit शोभित

Thriller Tragedy


Shobhit शोभित

Thriller Tragedy

Bloody Valentine's Day

Bloody Valentine's Day

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Everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day his or her way...and Me!!

I was having doubts, for many days that my childhood friend, Puneet, was trying to woe my sweetheart Ila, but I was not able to make a firm stand upon it. Just yesterday only, by chance, I was holding Ila’s phone and Puneet messaged Ila, “Booking done for Holiday Regency for tomorrow.”

“How could they play with my emotions like this?", my face was red in anger with boiling blood. I was already heaving doubt and it was enough evidence.

I spent the whole night drinking, to decide my next step for taking revenge on them.

Early morning, I dropped into Ila's house and killed her using a knife, she was looking very scary in blood drowned face.

Puneet was scheduled next.

I was going to his house, but I met him on the way while he was returning from his usual jogging track.

“Hey Neeraj! Why are you strolling around so heavily drunk? Haven’t Ila told you? She was supposed to give you a surprise this early morning and take you to Nainital trip. I thought you guys must have left by now?”, said Puneet.

My mind was exploding.

“Was that booking done for me and Ila?”, I asked.

“Yeah Bro!, Who else can celebrate Valentin's day with Ila?"

I was not alive to give him answer.

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