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Another True Story

Another True Story

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They were in love since the time they were taken for walks in their baby ramps by their parents. Both learned to stand up together, they learned to throw tantrums together, they spoke their first words together, they did everything together. They came into this world together, actually 20 seconds late there but that is not counted right. They were twins. They were named Rahul & Anjali by their parents just because they are eternal love story names in India thanks to Bollywood plus easy to guess both their mum & dad breathed Bollywood.

Rahul was 20 seconds elder than Anjali was so since childhood he had that elder brother kinda feel for her always. The love they had for each other always made their parents feel proud of the names they choose for them. While on one hand Anjali was an absolute nerd; Rahul was just like his parents- a crazy Bollywood fan. Anjali choose reading & living in books while Rahul only saw movies & dragged her everwhere because he was 20 seconds elder than her. Poor girl had to tag along always. On days that were in Anjali's favor she used to drag him to the library where he kept a watch on her so that no guy would breathe in the air around while pretending to watch a movie in his smart phone. Everyone adored their bond even though the guys often felt like showing Rahul how mean he was being to them but no guy ever did so because they somehow felt how special they were for each other. All these years these twins have won everyone's heart be it a foe or family. It was their last year in college when the classes are shuffled & rearranged to fit in new students who come as a part of the student exchange program.

Finally Rahul met his Tina & Anjali met his Raj. It was during this year that both were comfortable enough with sharing their space. Rahul took the most time but he did give in watching Raj's effort to get Anjali. Same was the case with Anjali she took a lot of time to accept Tina taking her place of accompanying Rahul to the movie theater always. Somewhere close to the end of their year the twins realsied how mw much they meant for each other & that their respective relationships were hampering their bond to some extent. One morning Rahul waited for Anjali on the bike like he did all these years, seeing him obviously was a surprise to her but she sat anyway. To her surprise he took a de-route & went to their favorite garden where they learnt to cycle together plus it was the first time Rahul had got into a fight with some guy for troubling Anjali & hurting her. They had a couple of memories in this place. Anjali did not know anything what was his brother doing so was about to ask when suddenly Rahul spoke first.

R:- You know what is happening with us Ann, isn't it?

Anjali knew what was he talking about so she just shook her head saying a yes.

R:- Are we moving away?

A:- No not at all Rah. We are just facing a little change in life that is it. This had to happen some day or the other. We are learning to share that is it. I am happy you are okay to allow me be with Raj & I am happy you have Tina too.

R:- When did you learn to talk all this? this is why I tell you to not read so much see what all you spoke? OMG those were my lines you just killed the fun.

Both were tear eyed & hugged each other tight. Had so much fun again & made another important memory in their favorite place.

Rahul had already spoken to Tina & Raj as well to excuse them for the day as he had something important to sort. He told Raj to expect Anjali as busy as him. He agreed with him. So today the twins were with themselves again.

Years later their bond never saw any dark days. They always had their back. Even today when Rahul & Anjali's grandchildren look at them they are smiling to them from the same frame.

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