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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The World

The World

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She was 20 and always happy. Nothing in the world mattered to her at all. It seemed almost unreal that she was always so okay about anything said or done to her. Good, best, ugly, nasty nothing stirred in her. It seemed like she was not in this world or probably not understanding what the words spoken to her mean. She was never like this at all. It all started after her family shifted into their new house. The house was extremely beautiful. It felt very calm and happy as you entered into the house. She had her own room now. She was Priya. She defined beauty. She was a very sensitive person but definitely not a fool. At the age of 20 she was quite a beauty with brain kinda girl. No one can take her for a ride thinking she is dumb and an emotional fool.

But, recently everything seemed to have changed with her. She let anyone and everyone just be hurtfully honest with her yet not a single muscle would twitch. Everyone around was flabbergasted. She was born a "no nonsense" person. Her parents thought something is wrong with her until one morning her mum decided to go check on her in her room. She wanted to see her sleep peacefully and wake her up like she did while Priya was young. Actually Priya requested her to stop waking her up within a week of shifting in the new house. So she wanted to surprise her today by being beside her when Priya woke up. Probably Priya unknowingly had already planned a Surprise for her mum.

She knocked on the door and opened the door. Her jaw was touching the floor after that moment. She felt like she was dreaming. Priya's room was not a room but a garden with a never ending landscape just like magic. She did not know what to do. She could not scream because she felt happy and relaxed on seeing everything around but this cannot be true too. So she did not know what to do. Soon she heard Priya giggling somewhere close by. She courageously walked on to the path she was hearing Priya. Behind the most beautiful creeper; with flowers that smelt like the worldwide fragrances are in them were dancing in the wind; over the branch she saw Priya talking to someone, like someone on the tree.

Priya seemed to be very very very happy. She never saw or felt her daughter so happy. She walked over to her and rested her hand on Priya's shoulder who was just startled with the touch. She yelped. Noticing her mum there she understood that she forgot to unlock the door. She had to speak the truth. Her mum saw her talking to some almost human like person who was shimmering like diamonds. Priya was talking to a guy. No, no actaully she was talking to many such boys and girls. All of them were looking at her with hope, happiness and a little fear. Priya requested them to let her be alone with her mum in some other place, so they blinked. They next moment Priya and her mum were standing in a meadow. Lavender, roses, lillies and so many other flowers were their, the wind had mixed fragrances. Her mum felt she would faint. What is this is the only question running in her mind.

Priya made her relax and started sorting out the puzzle for her. She told her that the house is an enchanted place that belongs to these wonderful people. They are called the Dimmes. Dimmes are human like the only difference is that they have skin like diamonds and they possess magical powers. Priya's room had a painting that was actually their doorway. Once she had by mistake touched the painting and it opened the doorway. These people are really welcoming and very kind-hearted. They have such doorways in each and every place all over the house. If you are scared or do not want to witness their presence they do accept it and till you want they shut that particular doorway.

Priya has learnt a lot being with them and pleaded her mother to keep this a secret because the Dimmes believed that they will be called when needed so no one is allowed to talk about them or spread any news about all this. These wonderful people have many such houses all over the world and appear when their doorway is asked to be opened. So the mother met all of them and thanked them to allow her family live here in peace.

Priya and her mum have made so many new friends and are absolutely loving this house now.

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