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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Only About The Fights

Only About The Fights

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Love was a feeling that they understood over the period of their marriage. They never heard of it or tried to know about it either. Their marriage was arranged by the elders in their families. Today while they are talking to their grandchildren, who want to know all their love stories, the only stories they are narrating includes the disagreements they had. Every day when all the children come to hear new stories from their grandparents it becomes very annoying for them to hear stories about fights only.

One day they decided to finally ask it directly to their grandfather and so they did it.

"We are excited to know about love and you are busy telling us about your fights. Why?"

Listening to this their grandfather laughed loudly.

"Kids you all are very funny. I thought all of you are very smart. Let me explain now. Laughing along is not love at all and it does not increase it too. The quantity of tears shed for your lover is all that counts. If love is the seed you sow in the ground of your relationship then tears are the water that nurture the seed. I speak of our fights because each one of these have made it possible for me to love her more and more each day. We have fought on very silly things to begin with which have helped us take the most difficult decisions of our life smoothly, without any arguments. We never left each other's side even after the quarrels. I want you kids to understand the true meaning of love and so these are the only stories I have to share with you."

All the kids were surprised to know this and finally understood that it is always only about the fights in each and every relationship where love resides.

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