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Just Love

Just Love

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Love is all that Krish spoke about always. All his conversations with his friends, foes, strangers; anyone and everyone were always circling around the same topic. He was invited on shows to speak about the same. At the age of 30 he was the most famous and loved speaker among all age groups. Each time he had apt narrations connected with evidences to justify his practical approach towards Love. No one could question him at all. His concepts were based on his personal experiences that kept him out of any other issues that may get him in any trouble.

Krish had a disturbed childhood. His parents were separated before his first birthday. Both had their own lives thereafter giving him his half brothers and half sisters too. He grew up with his grandparents, his mother's mother and father's father who were neighbors the sole reason that his parents feel in love and got married. He did not see ugly fights or screaming and shouting in the house; obviously because he was too small to even remember anything like that, neither did his grandparents tell him any such stories about his parents. All he knew was his parents misunderstood love.

His life was very difficult until he turned 18. He met his half siblings very often and they all had a very friendly and casual kinda behavior with each other. After his 18th birthday he understood that his parents were not bad at all, in fact he was thankful that they took the right decision at the correct moment in their life. As a child he used to miss being around his parents and see them in his school whenever necessary like the other kids. He was a expressive person and so he always spoke about this to his grandparents too. They used to make him understand very smartly. Within a few years he entered his graduation college where he met a girl who turned his world around.

In two years he became very good friends with her and as they entered their third year he proposed her and expressed his true feelings towards her with absolute honesty. He knew she was the girl he wanted to live each day with until he dies. However she did not feel the same for him. He was taken aback by this and again like always spoke to his grandparents about this. These old people were near their last days as well and so they also made him understand everything they knew about Love. All they learnt after their respective partner's death.

That was his last talk with them and probably his most strong memory as well. His grandfather had started by asking him just one question, "Krish what to do about the Love that is in you now?" There was nothing he could answer about this. His reply was exactly how they expected. They explained to him everything about what is true love. Their guidance and his heartbreak was an eye opener for him. Just like him there were many who need these also and hence he chose to spread the words spoken by his grandparents to the entire world.

Love never dies, neither does it get replaced. There will always be many hearts pouring love over you; it may or may not include the heart that your hearts have connected to, but still accept all the love with open arms. It is important to be loved although it is not necessary that who you love only has to love you back. Accept love in all its forms.

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