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And, She Was Saved - lll

And, She Was Saved - lll

3 mins 214 3 mins 214

Jagrani Devi works from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on daily wages at Nari Kalyan Sewing Center. Her husband drives an auto-rickshaw on rent. They have three children. Sukhee is a sixteen-year-old girl and Sonu-Monu are fourteen-year-old twin boys. After reaching home, she has to prepare dinner for the whole family whereas her husband gets busy drinking, sitting in a corner of the home as every day.

"Oh! there is no salt in the kitchen. How have I forgotten to buy while returning from my workplace", Jagrani is brooding. Then she immediately calls her daughter, who is reading a book under the dim light. "Sukhee, just go to the market to fetch salt. It is urgent." "Oh! Maa, see I am reading. Why don’t you ask my brothers who are playing in the courtyard." "They are so small and innocent. And you are my sincere daughter. Please go, don't waste time. I have a lot to do for all of you only." "It is not fair, Maa. Every time you do the same thing. You force me to visit the market in the evening that can be done easily by my father or brothers…" Sukhee mutters while going outside the home with heavy steps. There is nothing like new things.

It happens often with her since she has stepped into her teens. She finds herself incompetent to make her mother understand her problems, which stops her from going to the market. Every evening whenever her mother sends her to the market to buy something, a group of old people sitting under a tree make dirty comments, eve tease her and giggle. Staring and smiling sarcastically at a growing girl is a kind of fun for these inactive, unengaged and mentally sick people.

One hour has passed. Sukhee is yet to return home. Jagrani has started to lose her patience because she would be late to wind up her kitchen work and might not have proper sleep. "Where is this Sukhee? Surely she would be reading newspapers pasted on the wall outside her home. She likes reading but at this time salt is needed." Suddenly Sukhee appears running and weeping. "What happened?" "Maa, I told you. Don't send me out. But you never care for me. You love your sons, not me. Today all those damn, old, people tried to hold me, hug me and even kiss me but somehow I could escape from their clutch and rushed home. Do you know why do they dare to make fun of me because they know very well that my father is drunk and mother is very casual for her daughter." Saying this she burst into tears.

"Thank God! my daughter has escaped. Really, my love for my sons blinded me and I did not pay proper attention to my vulnerable daughter." Jagrani regrets and simultaneously plans to occupy her sons and husband from now for evening tasks.

Message: The role of a mother in child development is very very important. A cautious and conscious approach is required without any gender-bias.

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