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Thank God! Girl Has Escaped-ll

Thank God! Girl Has Escaped-ll

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‘It is six pm. It means that Manoj sir must be coming now.’ Thinking this Mickey is getting down and nervous. She does not want to go for tuition to Manoj sir any longer. Whenever she tries to pursue her mother to let her study at own, her request is rejected. Nobody bothers to know the exact reason why Mickey is desperately unwilling to be taught by a home tutor. By then, Rickey, her brother, comes and informs, ‘Didi, Sir has just arrived. Let's go for study.’ ‘Ok. You go. I am coming.’ She plans to delay some more time in setting her school bag before reaching to Manoj sir.

Mickey is a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl and Rickey is an eleven-year-old schoolboy. Both siblings are taught by a male home tutor in the evening. They study in a guest room which is on the first floor. In the evening, their father is normally not present at home and their mother is engaged in kitchen tasks and some times in watching television that is on second floor. In this way, all three are totally separate from other family members for almost more than one hour. Since last two months, Manoj sir has been teaching both children. Their father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker.

On the recommendation of a close friend, their father had called Manoj Sir to teach their children. Apparently, it seems all ok but behind the curtain, story is different. During tuition duration, Mickey has to face an awkward and disgusting situation daily. Manoj Sir asks Rickey to bring a glass of water and in the meanwhile, he starts to

touch Mickey’s lips, back, chest and thigh mischievously. When she is about to scream, he scolds her ‘If she shouts, he would beat her brother badly. Shut your mouth. It is nothing.’ This happens daily.

One day their sixty-year-old Bua ji came to stay with them for one week. In the evening, she asked ‘where are children, Bahu?’ ‘They are studying in the guest room with their tutor.’ ‘Oh! How can you leave your children alone with a male tutor? you must be with them.’ ‘But Bua ji, I have to do house chores at this time. Manoj Sir is a well mannered and polite young man. He always appreciates my children. So I am assured of it.’ ‘This maybe your thinking. I can’t think so.’ Bua ji said and approached to guest room and accompanied children while reading a newspaper. She did so until she stayed there. After just four or five days Manoj Sir has stopped to come over there to teach. Then only Mickey could gather courage to explain all her horrifying and mortifying experiences to her mother. Listening to her daughter, she got shocked to imagine what would have happened with her dear daughter just because of her unthoughtful and unplanned approach towards her own girl’s safety.

Almost after ten days that close friend of her father came home and exclaimed, ‘Sorry, my friend, to recommend that Manoj as a tutor for your children. Very recently he has been caught red-handed trying to molest one of his girl students. Thank God! Your girl has escaped.’

Message: Faith is fine but casual faith is horrible. Casual approach always leads to casualty.

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