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And, She Has Saved-l

And, She Has Saved-l

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The beauty of nature has no match with anything in this world. And nature occupies a lion’s share in hilly areas. That is the reason why people are crazy to visit hill stations because of its magical and enthralling aura. Nainital is one of the most seeking and exquisite hill destinations in India. The evenings of hill stations are considered more silent, dark and uncrowded in compare to its normal day duration. Sometimes such awkward and ambitious evenings become a cause for a mishappening with the vulnerable segment of the society-girls.

Like every evening a group of five girls are moving towards a coaching institute crossing the main market via a long but desolate path at Nainital. All of them are Graduate students and doing preparation for Post Graduation Course. Their coaching timing is from five pm to eight pm. When they return almost all shops are closed and no visibility of anyone occurs on the road. Although mountains are known as the strong walls for girls safety even though the dirty look and dirty mentality of male society can’t be overlooked any longer.

A group of five to six mischievous and impish boys of 25-35 age group sit daily at a tea-shop while making all efforts to tease these girls by singing songs, passing bad signals and showing bad images by their mobile phones to them. When these girls reach nearby that tea-shop, they just bend their heads putting all energy to speeding up themselves while crossing that tea-shop as soon as possible. Being girls they are mentally prepared to bear such painful incidents if they have to achieve success. They are also aware of the fact that if they go to inform all these to their parents, it might be very much possible that they would be denied to attend any such coaching class. But every girl feels highly humiliated every day whenever they have to cross that particular location on the way towards the coaching institute. 

One Sunday, all the girls meet at a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of their beloved teacher-Miss Pratishtha. During their talk, they could not stop themselves to share their evening embarrassment episode to her. After listening to them carefully and patiently, she immediately asked them to stop their evening coaching class. ‘Then how to do the preparation?’ ‘Well, talk and manage to continue their coaching classes either in the early morning or at noontime but no evening batch at any cost.’ ‘But Mam…’ ‘No, No further talks just follow me.’ Miss Pratishtha said in a serious tone. All girls just followed her in toto and changed their coaching timing.

After one week, news flashed in a local newspaper that a girl was attempted to get raped by that tea-shop boys group. When the Police enquired the case through that tea shopkeeper they came to know that they were planning to rape a coaching-goer-girls-group to whom they used to harass for the last one month. They have been professional criminals having jail records.

After reading news, all five-girls shocked and remembered their teacher’s right-time warning to protect them from a would-be disaster and said to each other- “THANK GOD! WE GIRLS HAVE ESCAPED”.

MESSAGE: A little alertness and natural habit of sharing and obedience to the teacher may escape many ‘would be’ misfortunes.

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