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Mummy, Never Leave Me Alone!

Mummy, Never Leave Me Alone!

5 mins

‘Welcome! Welcome! My dear colleagues’, Dr. Anshika exclaimed merrily, the host of today’s party. ‘Finally today we could meet after so many planning and longing. Dr. Madhumita, Dr. Rewati, and Dr. Swapnila I am really very happy to see you all at my home. Since long I fancied arranging a get together for having stress free and lighter moments.’  ‘But where is Dr. Alisha? She is the life and soul of the party. we are eager to meet her today. ‘ Dr. Rewati asked ardently.  ‘Oh, my dear friends! I am here only. Just look at me. Your wish has just fulfilled.’

Dr. Alisha entered waving her hands to all her colleagues passing her attractive smiles. ‘As usual, you came late while I specially requested you to be on time but why will you listen to me?’ Dr. Anshika complained. ‘Khuli palak me jhuta gussa, band palak me pyaar, jeena bhi mushkil , marna bhee mushkil,’ Dr. Alisha sang these lines while hugging her. All burst in laughter and the real party began now.

 All these women are Associates Professors in a College and have maintained a bond. They often meet at a common place to spend leisure together.

Music is on, a variety of snacks are set on the central table with tea and coffee and children are running and playing here and there. Dr. Anshika appeared in her familiar form when she began to describe her branded dresses, exclusive glossaries, a different type of curtains and bedsheets and especially of food items that are particularly prepared by herself. She feels proud to highlight herself in public and craves for praise for her belongings every day.  This is known to all her friends, so she was praised by all without missing a single minute.

Then her mobile rang up. She received and said, ‘Ok, ok, I will surely send all of them.’ ‘What happened?’ Dr. Alisha asked.  Dr. Anshika told that there is a birthday party of a small girl in my neighborhood. Her mother has invited both my children. When she came to know that some children are more here today she invited them too. I just come back after sending all the children of us to this birthday venue. I am sure they will have fun and enjoyment there.’ Without seeking neither her colleagues’ consent nor children’s willingness she dropped kids there.

Dr. Rewati has a ten-year-old son and Dr. Alisha has two daughters of nine and ten years respectively. Both ladies are not feeling comfortable after sending their kids to an unfamiliar birthday party and that also happened in no time. Then Dr. Madhumita, a senior most colleague, approached Dr. Alisha and said, ‘Alisha ji, what is going on and as you are here and Selfie Session is yet to begin.’ ‘Oh Mam! Sure.’ She announced loudly ‘Come On dear friends, come here, it’s time to pose the best for the Selfie session.’ As if everyone was waiting for this thrilling moment Alisha’s initiative exhorted all of them to look at the camera in their most funny temperament. Within a few minutes, all of them got absorbed in cracking jokes, chatting and relishing a range of food items with compliments and critical views.  Though Dr. Alisha and Dr, Rewati asked Dr. Anshika to contact their children whether they are enjoying the party and feeling at ease. But Dr. Anshika convinced forcefully both that kids must be rejoicing in cakes, pastries, noodles and fun full activities as I know that family they are very good and caring. So don’t worry. Let them enjoy and lets too.’  ‘Ok Then’.

After almost two hours, the party got over and all women approached that birthday party venue to pick up their children. Dr. Alisha and Dr. Rewati got noticed that their kids are not looking happy. When both sat in car with kids as both colleagues have to go the same way. As the car moved all three children shouted on their mothers. Both ladies got shocked at their children’s reactions. ‘What happened?’ ‘Mummy do you know that we all three are hungry because we have not eaten there anything as party eatable items were not of our taste. There was a big crowd. People were busy themselves and no one bothered for us as we were quite new for them.

Dr. Alisha’s youngest daughter whined, ‘Mummy I must tell you that that birthday girl was very dirty and egoistic and did not like our entry. She treated us as aliens. We felt embarrassed too much. Even she has not offered any return gift to us while we do gift to each guest at our parties, hai naa, Mummy?’

After listening to all these the elder daughter said a little bit seriously that one uncle was constantly staring at me that was very irritating but why I could not understand.’ Now the son got a chance to speak turning his head towards his mother,’ Mummy, how could you leave me to others when you took me to your party?’. Both ladies got dump founded at listening to this unimagined story by the mouth of their darling children.

‘Oh, my child!’ Dr. Alisha hugged tightly her both daughters. She was not at all interested to entertain such parties but the host has shifted the party date twice only to suit her availability. So the third time when she organized a party and invited her she could not refuse her.

Now Dr. Rewati and Dr. Alisha firmly decided that they would never leave alone their children at any unspecified, untold and strange party place or any such gatherings nevertheless the persuasion of a dear friend. Children are precious possession of a mother. Hence, she needs to be extra alert and extra conscious.


Message: Children’s security and wellbeing occupies prime priority over all entertainment and amusement.

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