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And, She Was Saved - IV

And, She Was Saved - IV

4 mins


‘Balle Balle Aaha! Balle Balle Ooho!’ ‘Wow! unbelievable Mom, You are dancing in a festive mood. What happened?’, Saundarya was astonished to see her mother Mrs. Tumul so cheerful when she got home from her college. ‘Why not, you don’t know how long we have been waiting for this great moment. I must tell you that my younger brother is going to get married the very next week. We are all six sisters. We have got only one brother. Thus, the whole family is fully exhilarated to live to the fullest, every moment of his marriage-ceremony. Tomorrow we will leave for Chandigarh by flight. Get ready. Your father will join us on the wedding day only due to his business conference. Now, dear daughter, assist me in packing as I don't want to miss any single chance to look the most gorgeous lady of the function and same applies to you too.’

Saundarya is pursuing graduation in fine arts. She carries a beautiful, graceful and perky personality. Probably this is the first time when she would travel without her father since her childhood. Listening to this news, she also became ecstatic and got engaged in their packing.

The wedding-house is full of guests, music is on high volume and almost every guest is busy in chatting and laughing leisurely. ‘So lovely and pretty, your daughter has grown up’ said exclamatory Tumul’s sister. ‘Yes very true’, the other sister agreed with her tone. Tumul asked Saundarya to touch the feet of all her sisters for blessings. ‘It's ok, our love is always with you, beta. By the way what are you doing here? I mean you are a young lady so enjoy your life your way. I must inform you that there is a group named ‘Freedom Fun’ formed by all young boys/girls of this wedding gathering. They are all having entertainment like singing, dancing, watching movies on laptop on the third floor-a big separate room. Saundarya you should join them and enjoy your life.’ ‘Yes, of course, another sister added. ‘How boring our olden day's gossip might be for this ultra-modern young generation. Let them have fun in their own way. After all, they are all on holidays.’ Tumul was not a bit convinced with such logic. She considers that a wedding like an event should be enjoyed with all aged family members rather are held in a compartmentalised manner. But reluctantly she felt like forced to send her daughter to join that so-called ‘Freedom Fun’.

Despite all hectic schedule of performing wedding-rituals, Tumult did not forget to observe the activities of ‘Freedom Fun’ unlike her other sisters and relatives. She used to visit that particular room on third floor frequently. She found every time doors are closed, lights are switched off and silence dispersed as she knocked on the door. ‘Oh, Aunty, don't bother, we all are watching a horror movie with chips and cold drinks.’ But, her subconscious mind was not ready to believe in their words. Eventually, she decided to detach her daughter from such fun company. She collected some small poor children of her neighbourhood and asked her daughter politely to teach them some painting-techniques as charity. She found that once her daughter got occupied in taking class of those needy children, she never wished to go on the third floor. Creativity always makes one aloof from negative distractions.

It has been almost two months since Mrs. Tumul returned from Chandigarh. Today one phone call has made her feel proud of her nature of keen observation and analysis. As she was told by one of her relatives that how ‘Freedom Fun’ was misusing all time and space provided at that wedding-ceremony. They were crossing all limits by having drinks (hard), drugs, watching porn-movies and even some pairs tasted physical pleasure under the banner of family faith and modern liberty. Not only this, a few girls have been molested unconsciously when they made drunk some intoxicated drinks by their own group members.

‘Oh my God! my girl has been saved, these are the only words came out from the mouth of Mrs. Tumul, when she listened to all deceptive drama of ‘Freedom Fun’.

Message: Liberty is good for progress but restrictions are must for sustainable growth.

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