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After The Fall Chapter 9

After The Fall Chapter 9

8 mins

Liberation The assault began quickly and not quietly. Mortars flew threw the air, their impacts shaking the ground. Tanks and bazookas took out most of the ships on the ground. The sounds of rifle fire was deafening. Then it was quiet. When the smoke cleared the Saurians had taken heavy casualties. The surprise attack was a complete success. The robots moved forward, blasting the enemy with their lasers. The Saurians were still disoriented, they had no idea such a large force existed. The tanks rolled through the treeline next, they aimed for the ships and took them out before they could take off.

Pupil took out the box he got while at Wal-Mart. Erika saw it.

“What is that ?”

Pupil took it out and started to piece it together.

“Seriously? What are going to do with that?”

“It fun, one of my favorite things from childhood. I remembered when I saw it.” Pupil replied as he hugged his Mr. Potato Head.

“Put that away, we are in the middle of a battle.” Erika said with an incredulous look on her face.

“You no fun.” Pupil pouted as he stuffed it in his bag. Eriana was laughing at the situation.

They watched the battle progress, everyone was out of the tree line and swarming over the remaining Saurians. When it was almost over, the ground began to shake. First, one hole opened up in the ground, then another. Hundreds of Naga poured out. When the third one opened, Pupil was already on the move.

“Stay here, protect this area. I must save the others!” He stopped mid stride and looked back. “Remember, you are more powerful then you can imagine.” Then he turned and went.

Gryphon and Bambi were on high alert. When the fourth one opened close to the command post, Bambi growled and Gryphon screeched. The girls blasted the first two out of the hole with their bracelets. Erika’s took forever to kill so she grabbed her laser pistol and started blasting them. Soon there were to many coming out for their lasers to have an effect.

Erika ran over to the cart and and grabbed two small plastic bags, on her way back she tossed one to Eriana. She caught it and looked at her sister, a little confused.

“Like you did the ponies.” Erika said.

They ripped open the bags and began tossing the toy monsters towards the hole. Weird, misshapen creatures soon sprung up in the enemies ranks. Causing chaos and death. The crazy looking things had wiped out this entire group. They lost about a third of their number and they headed down the hole to get to the center of the issue.

Pupil was wading into the enemy, those that approached him were tossed into the air. Others hit an unseen barrier and looked like bugs hitting a windshield. He reached the side of Senator Volar as the Draconian fleet landed. The backs opened and what they feared most poured out. Children, Avian, Human, Nord, and others came at them by the thousands. General Loki called for a retreat and everyone began to run back to the treeline. The robots were overtaken and destroyed by the horde of tiny ones. Tanks were obliterated and many died. Once back there was some scrambling as they tried to decide what to do next. In the midst of the children there were tall worm lords. These were responsible for guiding the children, and making sure the brain worms were not tampered with. In the past the Alliance was able to send sonic waves to kill the worms. These Saurians were there to counteract this.

Suddenly the advancing enemy hit an invisible barrier. There faces were squished against it, and they began to bang on it and shoot at it. Everyone inside breathed a sigh of relief.

“We can not fight against out own children.” Volar said.

“Agreed.” Grunted Loki.

“We must retreat.”

Erika was listening and reached into her pocket. She had forgotten about what she took from Wal-Mart. She pulled the little yellow stuffed animal out of her pocket and held it up to Eriana. Eriana looked at her and smiled. “We can do this.” she whispered to her older sister.

“How cheesy should I be?” Erika asked

“Like a four cheese pizza dipped in nacho cheese.”

They giggled. Then Erika jumped up from the rock they were sitting on and yelled.

“Pikachu I choose you!!!” and threw the little stuffed animal on the ground. It jumped to life, lightning bouncing off of it. Eriana called to her pegasi and they came up with a plan. They passed through the shield and began attacking the worm lords. Flashes of lightning and bright colorful light filled the air.

The girls then sat back on the rock, facing each other. They held each others hands and closed their eyes. As they began to hum, the ground began to vibrate. The longer they hummed the harder the ground shook. Everyone was looking at the sisters, they all watched as they seem unaffected by the chaos around them. The kids outside the field turned to take notice of a large spike that was slowly rising out of the mound. As it did large chunks of earth began to fall off the mound itself, revealing a structure underneath.

Pikachu fried the last worm lord and headed back to the command post with the ponies. The children stood, suspended, outside the shield and watched as the Spire reached it’s peak just as more Saurian ships appeared over the horizon. These saw the Spire and decided not to land. Instead, thousands of spheres were dropped from the ships. These contained Iguanoids and Reptilian Soldiers. The Iguanoids were steeped in black magic and the Reptilians wore the most advanced armor and carried the best weapons the Saurian Empire had. The children began attacking the shield again. It was ineffective. So were the attacks by the Reptilians. The Iguanoids waded into the children and began cutting them down.

“We have to stop them!” yelled Volar

“To lower shields would be death for us all.” Pupil answered.

Volar slammed his fists against a tree in frustration into a tree. It split against his might.

“The more they kill,” he said as they continued slaughtering the children. “The stronger their magic. We have to do something.” he was seething with anger.

“What?! What would you have us do?!”

Before Volar could respond to Pupil, there came a deafening sound. It sounded like a large horn was being blown, it echoed into the heavens. All eyes looked at the Spire. As the sound died, lights came on, and a door opened. From inside came a twelve foot tall human. He walked to the edge of the complex and looked around.

Pupil went over to the girls. “Ready? This will be fun to watch.”

The girls didn’t know what to think. They never heard of anything like this. The Spire their dad had found never had anything like this.

One of the Iguanoids went up to the giant and demanded he surrender that this planet was claimed by the Saurian Empire in the name of Empress Sssla. The giant looked it him, listened for a moment, and then looked over at what was left of the alliance. It took special notice of the dead children.

“What have you done?” he said to the Iguanoid.

“We have reconquered our home planet, and are just removing the vermin that soil it. By rights of conquest that your kind set up.”

The giant knelt down, he still towered over the Iguanoid. He spoke with restrained anger. “We did not set up those rules. It was your kind, using the Chameleon Spies, to pose as us at the Galactic Council to push you wicked laws. You are part of the reason we were imprisoned here!” The giant stood back up. The Iguanoid waved his staff and struck the giant with a purple black beam. The giant, now visibly pissed, kicked the sorcerer and he vanished into the fading blue sky. The others began to attack the giant. It was then that Pupil decided to rejoin the battle. He began to reanimate the soldier, tanks, and robots. The girls joined in on the effort. The giant noticed and nodded acknowledgment of the effort. All was in chaos as the giant waded into the enemy, the remaining Naga soon retreated back into their holes, only to be devoured by hungry twisted beasts that awaited them there.

Suddenly a blue beam emanated from the palm of the giants hand. It enveloped the battle field. Shortly after the battlefield grew quiet. The giant stood there taking everything in. The allies stood, tense, waiting to see what the giant would do. He walked up to the shield and bent down to look at the sisters.

“Thank you.”

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