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Ashutosh Badapanda

Drama Action Thriller


Ashutosh Badapanda

Drama Action Thriller

Mystery Of The Lake

Mystery Of The Lake

5 mins 233 5 mins 233


"I might have sent those children to discover about the sword but it's in such a place that they actually might be in danger, that lake has had many cases of people vanishing in recent times and past." thought Vincent when he was taking a nap. 

He got a call from Yuvaan who sounded strange and was in a situation where he was going to cry, Abhay took the phone from him and said," Sir, Abhay here, please help us Charu is missing and we have no idea, what shall we do now?" Vincent replied come to the land area, I will be there in 5 mins with some of my men. Vincent then left to the lake with his gadgets and some highly skilled men.

Yuvaan and Abhay reached the land area and Abhay started blaming Yuvaan for all that happened to Charu. Yuvaan wanted Abhay to understand but he was out of his very own mind and was crying in one corner of the land area near the lake. Abhay meanwhile went to his Bike and stared at the pictures of him and Charu. 

Vincent now arrived with his highly skilled men and straight went to Yuvaan and asked what he saw inside the lake and called Abhay to note down everything bit by bit. Yuvaan said," When we inside I had a sensation of fear like someone was chasing but I thought this must be a dream and then I followed Charu and for instance, I saw a fish which was very beautiful and after that when I turned I saw Charu wasn't with me and a bright like creature pushed me upwards." Abhay was highly upset and angry at Yuvaan for his mistake but Vincent controlled him and made him believe that everything will be good once again. 

Vincent then went to his car and brought all the gadgets he had and asked his men to look after his car while they were going to do some sea diving, Yuvaan went and brought the boat while Abhay and Vincent were busy waiting for him and making a solid plan to rescue Charu and bring her back home safe.

All of them went inside the boat and Vincent also took some of his gadgets with him to make them feel safe he also took a gun that had some bullets which will make the victim sleep for seconds and they will be safe from any kind of monster. 

While they were going to the place where Abhay and Yuvaan left Charu, Vincent made a confession, He said," this lake has been doing such things since I was a child and I never realized that it was doing the same thing now also when I was a child my father had many theories about how this lake must be functioning but I never heard them and thought these all are fake and today because of me we all are in this type of the wrong situation." 

Yuvaan gave him sympathy and asked him about the history of the lake, Vincent replied, "This lake has been there for many years and people have worshipped this lake as if some god lived inside it, but one day when the head of the council went to check inside this lake he automatically vanished and from that day no one is worshipping this lake and some think this is the reason why the lake is very angry on every single guy who comes here." 

They reached the particular area and Vincent gave the diving suit to both Abhay and Yuvaan, In Abhay's suit he already had fit some devices like a camera and had a computer to watch all the happenings and In Yuvaan's suit he had fit a radar and electromagnetic disturbance meter to see if any disturbances occur through his monitor and he tied a rope to both Abhay and Yuvaan and said," I trust both of you, just don't panic, my men are also there, belief in your family and god, we will surely find her" 

Both of them dived inside and started searching in all aspects of the lake and looked everywhere, Vincent also was managing everything through his computer and informing them through the ear pods they took with them, Yuvaan saw a door like structure near the other land and told Abhay to follow him and in the meantime, after seeing disturbances Vincent also followed both of them. They reached near the door and opened it and saw that was a tunnel to the upper landmass, Vincent also reached there and examined everything. He said this was made of iron and had plants sometime in the near past because it contained some Viroids which causes disease in plants.

They then went to explore parts and after some searching, Abhay found a Temple-like room and some humans coming out of it and suddenly called Yuvaan and Vincent.

Vincent told Yuvaan to go from the front while Abhay and he would be firing from distance, Yuvaan went towards that structure but he also vanished into the air, Abhay and Vincent were tensed and went inside the temple. There they saw this Temple went underground and never ended this feeling almost made both of them nervous and then they started exploring all rooms but every room was empty and if some room had something it would be a table and 2 cups of tea. 

On one page it was written about the history of the temple and its surroundings. It was written that the lake would destroy the city if it will not be kept properly and the temple will hide everything from everyone until this happens. Vincent called his men to clear the garbage and every single bad thing near the lake and they did so. Vincent and Abhay then noticed changes in the temple and nearby surroundings and they were now happy that they would see their friends. 

Vincent read remaining and was unable to express, Abhay thought he was unable to tell because he was very happy but Abhay just read the last line which mentioned leave, and before reading other mentioned things they were thrown out by a sword. 

They heard the sound of something which almost killed them and they ran away.

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