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saravanan Periannan

Action Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Action Crime Thriller

operation dark cloud the stran

operation dark cloud the stran

5 mins 245 5 mins 245

Read operation dark cloud to enjoy its continuation below.

Tharun,jp sees the news of the operation dark cloud did by police of ganeshpur and also conveys the encounters did by police.

Tharun gets a call from human rights commission to give proper explanation about the operation did by the team under him.

Tharun arranges for a simple register marriage between jp and meera.

After the marriage,Tharun leaves to Delhi for enquiry.

Jp and meera goes to the temple seeking blessings from God.

Jp sense something strange going to happen in the city but did not tell any logical explanation to himself.

Jp and meera sits in the temple and jp asks meera do you have any wish.

She says

 I want to feel independent so I like to study further.

Jp agrees to it and after some days she sends meera to delhi university.

Jp and Tharun starts tracing where the other half of the drugs went.

They learn that one rowdy survived from the shootout and they go to enquire him.

The fellow who hits the goons of the supplier smiles and hears his men running towards him.

Bhavani boss,police has started tracing us and what are you going to do.

Bhavani made a crunch of his peanut candy and turned to his men.

To make success in a mission,we must take a new path that are not taken by anyone.

Makes another crunch before instructing his men.

Tharun and jp learns from the survived man that half of the drugs was given by raj to someone.

That someone cheated raj and escaped with drugs and that is what I know.

Tharun and jp learn that a man was caught selling a pack of drugs near a theatre and they rush to that place and arrest him.

Bhavani sits in the lorry and starts driving it.

Tharun,jp enquires him who is he and how he got the drugs.

Jp thinks something and tells Tharun to alert all the check posts.

Bhavani laughs seeing the check post and police officers stop it but Bhavani breaks the checkpost and drives.

Police starts to alert the police all over the city and Tharun says leave it jp not much serious and they will be caught soon.

Jp tells do not underestimate anyone Tharun and it might land us in danger.

jp sits down in his room and tries to get the thing Bhavani expected.

The biggest prison in the city starts its routine that day with jailers instructing the prisoners to do their job.

The prisoners see Bhavani entering with wounds and scar on his face and jailers pushed him in to the cell.

Bhavani forms a network within the prison with those who want freedom and makes them his men.

That day a stage competition was conducted in the prison and Bhavani gets up to sing a song 

Let the walls be broken 

Let the fire be on 

Let the revolt start 

With all of us moving on 

break the wall 


The prisoners start breaking the wall and fighting each other.

The revolt of prisoners starts and a jailer messages hello this is talkie 7 from central prison,all the prisoners are fighting and  I am alerting all the nearby police stations to immediately reach central prison.

Bhavani enters the kitchen in prison and takes peanut candy and starts eating.

Some jailers see him and comes to hit him,Bhavani crunches and eats the candy well and hits the jailers.

The collector of ganeshpur issues order to all the police to stay alert and arrest the escaped prisoners.

Jp and Tharun reach the prison and one prisoner comes to him and jp understands he is a police officer in disguise of prisoner.

Jp asks for the latest list of prisoners and ask who is the reason behind this and that officer shows Bhavani and tells he is the reason behind the revolt by forming network of prisoners in the jail.

Jp understands that he is the leader of drug maffia he has been searching.

Jp clutches his head as Bhavani had deceived them by making them think he is weak and he had a plan to divert police.

Bhavani and his men enter the secret tunnel in a car shed that makes them reach the villages outside the city of ganeshpur.

Jp takes the old British map and current map of ganeshpur comparing both the maps searching for secret tunnels and passages.

He gets a old tunnel that is damaged and that tunnel is sealed by the government.

Jp marks it with marker because that tunnel connects many villages and confuse them and also Bhavani has reconstructed the tunnel with his men for escape.

He sends his team at various exit points of that tunnel to catch criminals.

Jp enters that tunnel with some members of his team and searches for Bhavani.

He sees Bhavani sitting with his bracelet on his hand 

Jp says your game is over Bhavani 

Bhavani smiles evily ah...ahah ...ahahahah 

Jp understands that Bhavani has once again deceived them and ask where are the drugs Bhavani.

Bhavani takes one peanut candy and eats it.

Jp understands that Bhavani has mixed the drugs with peanut candy and getting it out of the city.

Jp tells his team to go out and inform police to capture all peanut candy carrying vehicles.

But men of Bhavani comes and blocks jp and team.

The fight follows with jp and Bhavani alone standing with all other injured.

They both fight and Tharun enters the tunnel and loads his gun to shoot the criminal.

Jp and Bhavani fights but Bhavani wins it handsomely.

Bhavani walks out and Tharun shoots him.

Bhavani falls down.

Other police too reaches the place and help injured officers out and arrest the criminals.

Tharun and JP along with their team get honoured by the government and by the people of Ganeshpur.

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