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Ed San

Romance Action Fantasy


Ed San

Romance Action Fantasy

War of Nature - 06

War of Nature - 06

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Elizabeth stepped onto a gummy land. She was very cautious. Some guards were inspecting close by as she hid behind a large red tree.

When she turned, three guards were waiting for her. They caught her, carrying her straight to the stoney tower. It was very long with narrow pathways and lots of holes that makes it clear to see outside. 

She was brought in front of the leaders whom the gurads refered as the King and the Queen. 

'So this is them,' she thought. 

She was actually frustrated to see them. Since she has known herself, she has been harboring hatred for them. They were their biggest enemies that's why they dared to harm air fairy.

On the other hand, the leaders were delighted to have her. They welcomed her out of curiosity, already asking her daring questions. How could she go to the Real Apache? 

"Okay enough," she requested firmly, "can't you be gentle with the way you are pressing my soft skin?" 

The guards removed the grip from her at that. 

"Why did you bring this frail creature to us?" the Queen. 

"She was snooping," one of the guards said.

"We think she is a spy," the other added.

"Aren't you inviting trouble, little girl?" the King asked. He was laughing out.

"Little girl?" Elizabeth spoke, unlikely stirred up. "You dare not call me that. You don't who I am."

"Has your so-called chief sent you? For how long is he going to act the hero? That filthy coward." 

'I am not cowardice!' Elizabeth thought, 'No, calm down Elizabeth. Look at the bright side. They have not recognised me. They don't know I'm the commander-in-chief. I'm not here for them today. I will hide identity.'

"Why are you quiet?" the Queen asked.

"I don't understand. What chief? And who are you people?"

"Are you sure you don't know who we are?" asked the King. 


"How did you get here?"

'Think of a quick lie, Elizabeth.'

At the exact time, a report came. Merlin was in the Real Apache. He was getting to the tower.

Elizabeth was worried that her lie would get caught if Merlin saw her there. Also, Merlin was not in good terms with her at the moment. She doubted if Merlin was the reason of air fairy's condition until she found out that it was because of the soul drainer.

She had to get out of there and go find the soul drainer. But where? And how.

"I was camping with my friends and lost my way. The coach and my team must be looking for me," she said.

No one cared about her stupid story then that Merlin was there.

"You are lucky," she was told by the leader. "We let you go. Run and don't ever get lost into this realm."

Elizabeth could not believe it was happening. They let her go that easily. She left with two guards leading her out while Merle entered through the other path. But Elizabeth wanted to know why Merle would meet them.

"Can I get water?" she asked the guards.

"Come on, get out!" one guard ordered her, leading her down the way. He had long ears and nose.

Elizabeth wanted to laugh at the guard's order. He looked like a joker telling her a scary story. The optain there is only to chuckle. But she restrained the laughter.

She sat on the rough stoned stair.

It was stupid but worth it. There was talking upstairs but she had not coded it yet. The other guard was pulling her.

"Do you know what it is like to be lost?" she cried. "I'm tired. I'm only asking water. If you don't want to help me I will go back upstairs and ask your bosses to serve me a drink."

"No, no, wait!"

The guard took a left corner to get water, leaving the funny looking one there. Elizabeth knew she had missed most of the conversation already. She should not waste time anymore.

She remembered what she was told. She could use any power. She flipped her hands in such a way that the guard did not figure out that she was doing magic. She was controlling the air with her mind, moving the waves closer to her so could hear what was being spoken.

"-join hands with you," she started to hear Merle's sound.

"A great hero wants our aid?" the King said, "you are a chief commander. The people's savior."

"No. You are wrong."

"This seems like a trick," the Queen said.

Elizabeth decided. She had to do something because Merlin spoke something he was not supposed to say. On a quick instinct, she told the guard to jump out. She was too intimidating that the guard was shocked.

"Let me ask you one thing," she said to the guard, "do you think your king and queen are right or are you helplessly not being on the good people's side?"

"Good people? They are worthless."

The guard could speak further, but she cut him short. And she shouted, 'jump!'

Jump! If The guard had to jump there, he would fall onto the gummy land which was the hardest surface to fall on than anything else. He was wasting her time so Elizabeth took him by his legs, pushing him off.

He was screaming and wailing. But no one heard his cry. And as he landed on the hard surface, his blood splashed out from many of his body parts. He was no more.

Elizabeth also jumped off. She used fire to launch a small attack to the floating stoney tower. Then she ran away.

Her plan worked. The Real Apache people did not trust Merlin. As they thought it was a trick, the attack confirmed it.

"Chief of fairies, you are going to regret!" the King thundered Merlin. "Guards, get him!"

"No, Merlowe, don't do this. It was not me!" Merlin cried.

He was watching Real Apache King celebrating. He was happy in his attire. Where, his attire included a necklace. Noticing it, Merlin remembered that he also had one. He smiled, looking at his necklace.

He grabbed it with a certain mantra and vanished.

They bagan searching around for Merlin.

"Stop it!" their Queen shouted. "He's left."

Elizabeth was back in the Fairyland. Mother fairy was happy to see her since she knew he had come back with the souls drainer.

"I could not find it," Elizabeth said.

Her words brought a huge frown on the Mother's face. The five fairies were lying wounded round the silver fluid pool while the air fairy looked lifeless.

"I will get it, Mother fairy, I promise," Elizabeth cried. "I won't let anything happen to the fairies. I will make sure I save air fairy."

"I believe you will. But for now you should be back home."


Elizabeth placed her right fist over her left shoulder to pay respect before leaving. 

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