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Ed San

Romance Action Fantasy


Ed San

Romance Action Fantasy

War of Nature 01

War of Nature 01

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So it was natural. Their homes were burned. All fairies ran away. The army was alone. The war coming is natural.

"No, it is not," Merlin said.

"Oh no, pizza is life," Elizabeth complained. 

Elizabeth refused to eat what was not pizza. While she sulked up, Merlin finished his lunch. He grabbed Sophie's and his sceptres. He dragged his hungry sister to the ceremony. 

All the army had gathered and the two of them were last to get to the most important ceremony. The fairies were waiting for them to begin with appointing the new commander-in-chief for the army and the war that was on the front.

Merlin and Elizabeth straightened up. They drew their attention to the Mother fairy. Mother fairy warmed up to her whole squad.

"Fairies, come out," Mother fairy said, "this is not the time to be scared." 

Six fairies came out from behind her. They were beautiful, holding fairy wands. They looked frightened. 

"Don't worry," Mother fairy told the fairies, "these are your people. And without your guide they will not be able to fight the enemies. Please bless them." 

"We, we bless them, Mother fairy," said fire fairy, fearfully. 

"We will do anything to help the commander-in-chief," said land fairy. 

"I have full faith in that," said Mother fairy. "let's see who is the chosen one." 

The fairies closed their eyes with their arms on their chests, gathering their powers together. It suddenly started to shine then a daisy shaped diamond crystal appeared. They opened their eyes to see the crystal of the chosen one. 

Everyone in the army was in hope to be chosen but at the same time expecting Merlin to be the chosen one. His heroic acts were being heard everywhere you go. He was famous and loved by everyone.

The crystal dazzled brighter, moving itself to Elizabeth's forehead. Suddenly, Elizabeth's outfit changed. She was wearing the commander-in-chief's armour, her sceptre tucked to her belt, which had then the crystal symbol.

The fairies were happy to have found their complete army. The army was shocked. Elizabeth stood there, waiting for anything that would indicate it was a joke. 

"Come forward, Elizabeth," Mother fairy said to her. 


As she started walking, she saw herself automatically soaring in the air to reach the fairies. She was shocked with her powers. 

"Congratulations, Elizabeth," Mother fairy said, tapping her left shoulder with her right fist as a sign of respect. All the fairies paid respect to her.

"I'm happy for you," said land fairy.

"Congratulations," said water fairy.

"How do I know this is real, this is so cool," Elizabeth said excitedly. 

"Mother fairy, may I?" light fairy asked. 

With Mother fairy's approval, light fairy directed the sun above her. She was not sweating but the army was sweating. She pulled it a little far away so she could see her shadow. 

They normally did not dream so she was either a soul of a dead or it was real. Souls do not have shadows. 

"And from now on the sun's heat will not affect you," added the light fairy. 

"Nor will water," said water fairy. 

"Or fire," said fire fairy. 

"Or wind," said air fairy. "In fact they will be your guide. You can use them to protect yourself and all of us from the enemies." 

"Oh, perfect!" Elizabeth rejoiced. 

"But not time," said time fairy. "Yet of course, whenever you will want to alter time, you call for me." 

"How?" Elizabeth asked. 

"Easy. Only a click away." 

"Do I have to phone you?" 

"Something like that. All of years back, you had to chant a very long sermon to call me. But it has been easier. This is a digital world. When we saw you using phones, all six fairies came together and decided we do something like that. When you want to talk to any of us, tap your forehead and you can contact any of us anytime you want." 

"To Mother fairy too?" 

"Unfortunately not," said Mother fairy. "But don't worry. You have my full support." 

Elizabeth was too happy. She wanted to scream very loudly but kept mum for Mother fairy's respect. 

She yawned. 

"Are you sleepy?" asked air fairy. 

"Erm just hungry." 

"Oh I'm so sorry. What do you want, I will get you anything you want," said land fairy. 

"I want pizza." 

Fire fairy and land fairy tapped their wands on the empty air and disappeared. They came back with a pizza box. 

"Wooow!" Elizabeth screamed. 

She tasted a piece. 

"Mother fairy, you want some?" 

Mother fairy laughed along with the six fairies. "Thanks, I'm fine, commander-in-chief." 

After she finished her piece, she was full. She thanked the fairies so much. On the serious note, Mother fairy started talking. 

"Since you will be busy saving our world, you will need an assistant," she said to Elizabeth. "Hence, I offer you to choose one of the six fairies to be with you and assist you, make you food, chat with you and, be your informant." 

"I can do that? That's so kind, Mother fairy." 

Each was begging to be choosed. 

"No choose me," said air fairy. 

"You were the assistant last time," claimed light fairy. 

"I have never been the assistant," cried water fairy. 

Elizabeth was enjoying watching the fairies fighting for her, each wanting to be her closest. She watched quietly until Mother fairy quieted them. She stopped but their faces had not stopped begging. It was time for Elizabeth to tell her decision. 

"I would make all of you all my assistants if I had a choice," she said. "But I have to choose only one of you. You are all my favorite. I bet being a commander-in-chief's assistant is the coolest thing that's why you are all excited to be. You have all been assistants except water fairy. That's why I choose her." 

Water fairy jumped excitedly. A floral cuff bracelet formed on water fairy's right hand that ran from her wrist to her palm. And an open bracelet of the same floral pattern formed on Elizabeth's hand back. 

Everyone had to admit at last. They all paid respect to their chief. Merlin was crushed. He was remembering the expectations the whole the army had upon him. 

He started comparing himself with Elizabeth. She was nothing worth it.

She was younger than him. She was a jumpy person. She would do anything with her stubbornness. She was not skilled as him as a fighter. She was not serious about the whole army thing. She was late in everything. She was very lazy. She had done nothing worth praises. She was a girl. 

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