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Ranjani Ramesh

Abstract Action Fantasy


Ranjani Ramesh

Abstract Action Fantasy

The Golden Pocket Watch

The Golden Pocket Watch

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Detective Sherlock Holmes was enjoying a drink with Dr Watson at 221 B, Baker Street lodgings, when he got a call from someone in his own neighbourhood Baker Street in London. The guy, one Mr Ben reported that his house was broken into. He was sounding completely shattered and wailing and speaking at the same time. Though Mr.Holmes was finding it difficult to understand him, he understood that Mr Ben's 'Golden Pocket Watch' was missing and he doubted that it has been stolen.

Detective Holmes along with Dr.Watson immediately made a visit to Mr.Ben's house. They walked the path that led to the main door. Mr Ben welcomed them inside and seemed relieved to see them. Inside, Mr.Ben guided them to the bedroom where he showed them the broken window. He seemed upset and said that he couldn't find his expensive watch.

Holmes and Watson observed the broken window but surprisingly found no glass shards. They looked out of the window and found a few foot prints. They found that they belonged to Mr Ben itself. They suspected that the thief had moved the glass shards away.

As they were figuring out what to do, Mr Holmes got a call on his cellphone. And oh my, it was none other than his dear friend Mr Chacha Chaudhry from India. Mr Chaudhry said that he, Sabu and Rocket, their dog had come to Sussex to watch an India-Bangladesh cricket match in which his favourite Dhoni was captaining. They finished the match yesterday and came just then to London to meet their dear friend Mr Holmes.

Holmes was so happy to hear Mr Chaudhry's voice. He told them that he was in the midst of a case. Mr Chaudhry offered to help him in the case. After taking directions from Watson, they reached Mr Ben's house in some time.

In the meanwhile, Holmes and Watson were trying to take on the situation and were also enquiring Mr Ben of other details. Mr Ben told them that his wife and children had gone to visit a friend in France.

Chacha, Sabu and Rocket also started scouring the house for other clues. Rocket suddenly starts barking and sniffing a trail left behind by someone. Holmes notices that and he, Chacha and Sabu start following Rocket. They left Dr Watson with Mr Ben to keep an eye on him.

The footsteps lead them to a sewage tunnel. They hear a voice coming from the tunnel, "Help, Help me. I am stuck here with my kids."

They observe that the tunnel was covered by heavy iron grates. Holmes was wondering how to overcome the heavy stuff. Chacha and Holmes tried to lift the grate but found it too heavy. Just then, Chacha told Sabu to move the grate so that Holmes and Chacha could enter the tunnel easily.

Sabu moved the heavy grate away in one single move but he couldn't enter the tunnel. Holmes and Chacha followed Rocket into the tunnel. They descended down and were surprised by what they saw. They saw a woman and two kids trapped in a cage in the tunnel. They seemed very weak and were almost dying of thirst and hunger.

Holmes inquired the woman, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The woman burst out crying and replied, " I and kids were dumped and hidden here by my cruel husband. My husband is Mr Ben and wants to claim the insurance on the special watch he has. I heard him plan all of this with his lawyer. Both of them are conspiring to cheat everyone. When I tried to stop him and confronted him, he got angry with me and threatened to kill me and my children. He is only after money and doesn't even care for us."

Holmes and Chacha were surprised to hear this and told Mrs Ben not to worry and that they were looking into the case of the missing watch for her husband.

The lady replied, "Oh no, his watch is not at all stolen and in fact, he has hidden it in a secret safe hidden into a wall in the terrace of our home."

Holmes broke open the cage with the help of a stone lying there. They came out of the tunnel.

Outside, Chacha ordered Sabu to carry the woman and the kids on his shoulder. Enroute, Sabu got them some juice and fruits to eat. Though initially surprised to see Sabu, the kids enjoyed their ride on Sabu. Then they all went back to Mr Ben's home.

All this while, Watson was keeping an eye on Mr Ben and keeping him engaged in some talk. Poor Mr Ben suspected nothing and thought Mr Holmes had gone for a chit-chat with his friend Mr Chaudhry.

Once they reached back home, they confronted Mr Ben and told him, "Sir, your game is over. You are trying to fool us by your case of false robbery."

Mr Ben was shocked to see his wife and children back home. Mrs Ben takes them to the terrace and points to the place where she suspects the watch to be hidden.

"Oh, but you will need a kind of sledgehammer to break the wall. Let me bring it for you."

"Why to worry when Sabu is here?" says Chacha

And Chacha orders Sabu to break the wall and Sabu did it in a jiffy as it was a child's play for him.

Inside, they find an electronic safe. Holmes enters the code-shared by Mrs Ben and when the safe door opens, he finds the precious golden pocket watch. After all, this was a fake robbery. Then, they go back to Mr Ben downstairs who was tied and captured by Mr Watson and the kids.

Mr Holmes said, "You are under arrest for faking the robbery and for locking up your own family."

After an awesome time with Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, Mr Chacha Chaudhry, Sabu and Rocket return back to India.

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