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Venus Savla

Abstract Inspirational


Venus Savla

Abstract Inspirational

Kindness Costs Nothing

Kindness Costs Nothing

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 Huffing and puffing as she had climbed 2 storeys, Preeti panicked while she entered the diagnostic center to collect her daughter's reports. She was already late. 

She walked straight to the help desk where she was told to be seated near the waiting room until she was called. She looked here and there, all around, trying to divert herself from the multitude of thoughts that ran across her tiny little brain.

Suddenly she heard a voice calling out her daughter’s name. “Miss Tina Arora, Mrs. Arora?” She rushed to the Staff personnel at the front desk and handed over the receipt. She quizzically looked at the Pathlab Manager, Dr. Ruhi calling out her daughter's name seeking the answer to her unasked question. Dr. Ruhi was accompanied by the front desk officer Ms. Pallavi. 

 Looking at the disturbed face of Preeti, Ms. Pallavi quickly threw an array of sentences both imperative and interrogative. “Is everything ok? Do you need some water? What's bothering you? Calm down madam. Just relax.” Instantly she informed the support staff to bring a glass a water.

Preeti reverted, “No, not worried. Thank you for the concern” Yet her words surely contradicted her demeanour. Preeti continued, “Actually my kid is waiting in the Rick downstairs, she is seated alone and is unwell too. So if you could please hand me over her reports.”

“Ummm, Tina Arora!? Oh! Influenza A type case.” Dr Ruhi exclaimed while she held the envelope with Tina Arora written over it. 

Preeti was still restless. “Are you okay? What's running in your head? Could you please share?” Ms. Pallavi asked worriedly and requested Dr. Ruhi to check the reports quickly as she could read Preeti’s expression indicating the same. 

 “I’m equally unwell and my symptoms are the same as my kiddo.” Preeti continued to share. “I come all the way from Borivli East. I work as a School Principal. We deal with huge numbers, be it students, parents, or even school staff for that matter. I’m worried If I’m infected too because if I am also Influenza A positive, then I may have been the carrier of the same and too many people I may have infected today.”

Ms. Pallavi was startled. With her own daughter in pain and her own self being unwell, all what she could think of was the kids and staff of her institution.

“How selfless, kind and sensitive of you madam! How I wish the world had more human species like you. Most importantly, how I wish I could borrow a little kindness from you. You must have heard how the other patient claimed me to be unkind, rude and unprofessional. No matter how much we slog, it is always less. Let me check with the doctor about her reports.”

Preeti gave a half hearted smile. "I need to know her reports asap." (as soon as possible), Preeti reiterated.

“Her report is positive, Madam.” said Dr Ruhi.

Hearing this Preeti could hold it no longer. “Doc has told to get H1N1 checked. Do we need an additional sample of swab or the existing one would do?” Preeti asked pensively. 

“We will manage with this one. Do not worry, Madam.” Ms. Pallavi replied.

“Do you want your tests to be done as well?” Dr. Ruhi asked out of concern.  “No, thank you, madam. I will see my doctor right away and wait for his prescription and further instructions.” Preeti replied.

“Okay Ma’am.” Next, Dr. Ruhi made a quick call to the higher authorities for a top up testing with the same sample. It looked like the lady on the other end seemed pretty relaxed wanting to talk a lot beyond the agenda Dr. Ruhi had wanted to discuss. Yet, she plainly disconnected the phone stating she had patients waiting and she would get back to her soon.  

“Madam, her reports will be done. Do take care, and tomorrow, please do not come all the way here just to collect the reports. You can collect the same From Dr. Agrawal’s in Borivli East.. or let me know and I will get it delivered to your school as well. Also, we could plan an awareness campaign for your staff as and when possible for you and your institution.”

“Thanks a lot madam. That is so kind of you.

Sure, Either Me or my Section coordinator will get back to you in the next week regarding the same. 

Thanking her for being supportive and prompt, Preeti collected the ATM card after making payment for the top up test she had just requested for her daughter, took the receipt for the same and left the front desk area. 

While opening the door to leave, Preeti turned around and said, “Madam, who says you are not kind and considerate? You are kind in your own way and that's all that matters!”

 “Good night and take care.

Thanks once again!” Preeti said and left the door ajar for another patient who was waiting at the door.

“Little things that matter much, Ma’am!!” Is all Ms Pallavi said and got back to the next patient ..

Preeti felt glad as she walked down the stairs. She was wondering if kindness still existed on this earth while she had seen two men fight and hit each other in traffic while they bumped into each other’s vehicle at peak traffic hours when she was on the way to collect her daughter’s reports. Maybe her bitter experiences had made her tough minded. But there she was, hopping into the rickshaw, overwhelmed with what had just happened. Calmly she checked on her daughter’s forehead to check her body temperature and put her arms around hers comforting her saying all would be fine. She was surely calmer than before. Touched by the kindness of the Dr. And customer service of the pathlab center, Preeti was pleased to have been there to get the reports done. Sudden brakes led to a jerk breaking Preeti's chain of thoughts. Soon she realised she had reached the doctor's clinic. Quickly, she paid the rickshaw fare and stepped out of the rick along with her daughter thanking the rickshaw driver. 

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