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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Exceptional Ma

Exceptional Ma

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It was a cardiac stroke, I sensed it the moment I felt the pain in my left arm. But I didn't get time to take my tablet and fell on the ground and was unconscious.

As I opened my eyes I was in a hospital. I was  puzzled as I wasn't able to guess who brought me there. After sometime I felt someone touching my hands. As I opened my eyes I was shocked to see him in front of my eyes. He kissed my hand and waved his fingers through my hair.

"Are you fine now Ma? You scared me literally. " Tears welled up in his eyes.

"I was least expecting you Anu. When did you come back from Norway?" I stammered a bit.

"Ma, I always believe that we both have some connection. Even as a child my mom never understood me. In this whole world it is always you who supported me and knew my mindset.

You know I came back India only to see you and to share a good news with you. I rang the bell many times that day but you didn't answer. I tried to peep through the window when I saw you on the floor. And then rushed you to the hospital. I'm sorry I had to break the window to open the door. "he giggled.

"Sheena is on the way, I have informed her. Even Manu will be here anytime. Every thing is fine Ma. But now you should not stay here alone. Why don't you live with Manu or Sheena?" He enquired but I didn't answer.

Time flies so quickly. I remember a seven year old boy, Anurag who would hop every evening at my place to play with my kids. He was fond of playing with Sheena and not Manu. They both played with doll sets, cooking food , making houses and all. Many a times he would assist me in kitchen while both of my kids would stick to television. Anu was different and I sensed it very soon. He never liked the company of boys. He was scolded badly by his parents for playing with girls.

Once his mother quarreled with me for encouraging him to play with Sheena. I failed badly when I tried to explain her. They shifted to some other locality because of his friendship with Sheena. But Anu used to come to meet me regularly. He cried badly when he was mocked at school for opting classical dance as an activity.

"Anu our choices are not decided by our genders. One should choose activities, hobbies and career as per his/her heart. Our society is stereotyped. They won't accept anyone who follows a different path. "he hugged me as I explained him my views.

He would bunk his tuition classes to attend his dance class. I would talk to his teacher as his mother whenever he complained for his absence. Even Manu and Sheena didn't like my association with Anu. After graduation in classical dance he earned a scholarship from Oxford University.

I went to see him at the airport. I remember he wailed as there was no one from his family to bid him goodbye. He shared his sentiments for a guy, " Ma I like this guy a lot. I haven't told him yet as you know in our society this is a crime. I don't have courage. "

"How is loving someone a crime Anu? If you love him you should tell him. Love is beyond genders baccha. It is a pure feeling that can be for anyone. But first concentrate on your career. I wish to see you dancing on my television screen. "I kissed him on his forehead as he left for his flight.

After that we both use to connect on video calls and whatsapp. Sheena and Manu both got married and went to their respective places. I was happy living in my own house with my memories.

Soon I was discharged and both of my children pestered me to live with them.

"Mumma do one thing live with me for six months and then for next six month with bhaiya. Right?"Sheena declared her plan.

"Fine then mumma will come with me first. "Manu said while typing something on his mobile.

"No I will take her first. My office is going on and exams are on head. She will take care of Niya's studies. "she answered.

"I'll take her first. We have to go for a long trip without Sammy. He will be happy with his granny. "

They both were fighting when Anu came with a young man.

"Ma, meet Akash. We both live together. Remember I told you about a guy . . . he is the one. Now we are planning to get married. On that day I came to ask you if you could come with us. Actually I wanted to tie knot in front of you Ma. "he was on his knees as he asked me.

I noticed Sheena and Manu exchanging that grin. I wanted to get up from the chair. Anu sensed it and helped me.

"Sheena and Manu you both please don't fight on this matter. I'm not coming with either of you. I will go with Anu to Norway. I have never been to any foreign country before. I want to see one before I die. Even I have the right to chill. Isn't it a great plan?

Come Anu and you too Akash, help your Ma pack her bags.

Sheena and Manu book your tickets too as I will have to lock the house before I leave. "

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