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Abstract Inspirational Children



Abstract Inspirational Children



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I woke up from sleep. Gasping. 

NO, it wasn't a nightmare. But something that I never felt before!

I rubbed my eyes and let my palms warm my face. My heart was beating so damn fast that I could barely think anything. I grabbed the water bottle and drank till it ended half. I was amazed that my lips stretched enough to make me smile. A smile that was almost dead a month and a half ago when I couldn't make up to the first hurdle of my life. It was an exam for which I blew my life into books.

I saw a dream. 

I was casually sitting on my bed. Legs stretched with my upper body resting over the back of the bed. I was reading a novel that I usually do as a morning routine. My room was vibey with morning silence. I was lost in the beauty of literature until someone intruded, "Hey!" 

I was stunned to see a girl of around 18 with braided hair wearing cool spectacles. She looked the same as me. 

"Hi!"- I replied. I kept my cold hand on her knee to confirm her presence. She was real. I took my hand back.

"I think you are wrong. Wrong about yourself!"- She said as she leaned towards me probably to give me some comfort.

"Wait! What?"I said bringing my eyebrows to the middle of my forehead. Simply awed. 

"Well, I know everything about you. I have been there with you since you were born. Whatever you are thinking lacks maturity. Lacks experience. You need to be brave enough to accept it."She held my hands. The warmth of her hands felt so genuine. I allowed her. 

"Okay, I will be straight!"She continued while finding my eyes. "Look, I see a lot of potential in you. I can't let you adjust to the average."

I rolled my eyes," Sorry, I don't wanna hear all that stuff about hard work, potential, luck, and all. I am completely pissed off listening to it again and again. Everyone has different theories. Noone actually feels what I feel at the moment. You may leave now. No more energy left to discuss anything."I shifted to my book again. Took my hands back from her grip.

"Listen. I care for you. I really care for you. Therefore, I can't leave you repenting of your silly decisions for your life."Her voice was tensed enough to draw my attention back at her. I gave her a look from the upper edge of my book. She closed her eyes, probably to find a better way to convey her message. 

"Don't you think it was rude to say that? Why is everyone around me trying to make me feel that I always make bad decisions! I literally wanna skip this time and jump 4 years ahead of the time. I can't bear it anymore."I busted while keeping my book on the side table. My face was red and heat currents spread through my body. I was about to cry. I hate this. I am so weak.

"Sorry... Okay! Okay! I support you. Believe me. "She swallowed saliva and moved forward towards me. We breathed the same air now. She kept her hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I cried like a little girl in front of her mother. "Don't cry, honey. Please. I want you to be the bravest girl of your age. You need to fight your fears. You may not be so special to the world ..... But you are to me! Bring back the child in you who was so fearless. I just loved that baby girl. She was so open to her surroundings and wanted to learn and master everything she did. Shamelessly inquisitive!" 

She held my face into her palms and made me look into her eyes. Her eyes were watery. She was emotional. She managed to give me a gentle smile.

"You make the decision what you think is right for you. I was there with you, I am.. and I will be. Holding your hands forever."She sounded passionate. She was halfway successful in giving birth to a new energy level within me. I pursed my lips to avoid breaking down.

"But I want you to know one thing. The day you will succeed... find my eyes they will shine like sun... find my smile it will sparkle like stars. That day I will be the proudest person on this freaking planet ."She shifted back and looked to the floor as a tear rolled from her eyes. My eyes were still at her. Then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The air around me turned so charismatic that it filled me with the solutions to my problems. I got a new friend... a best friend... that was me myself. What could be better than that! As a result of strong feelings, I wanted to hug her. Wanted to tell her that I will do everything to make her feel special. When I opened my eyes she wasn't there. It wasn't pleasing to let her go. I wanted to spend more time with her. Since-

It felt like a REBIRTH.

As I mentioned earlier, I woke to reality. Everything felt so changed. Reality is harsh. Hard to accept and implement. But I think now I will be able to face my fears since I got a new friend. THE BEST ONE INDEED!

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