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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ranjani Ramesh

Abstract Drama Others


Ranjani Ramesh

Abstract Drama Others

Mystery Continues

Mystery Continues

5 mins 226 5 mins 226

And what an entrance it had been. Charu was buoyed by this information Yuvaan had shared. But wondered why. He didn’t pick her call. Charu tried his number a few times more. She was slowly getting agitated and filled with curiosity. Charu thought, “Maybe Yuvaan has got busy with some other important work.”

“Fine, let me go around and check this place,” she thought.

Though filled with a kind of skepticism, she decided to embark on the journey alone. Somewhere deep inside, she was also scared. But her enthusiasm took over her. A part of her mind was ready and yet another part told her to take Yuvaan along.

Though it was nighttime, she decided to explore the entrance as laid out in the blueprint. Just then, her father came back from work. Charu greeted him warmly and they had dinner together. Her father noticed that Charu was preoccupied. Yes, she was. She was planning on how to go about with her plan.

Charu decided to wait till her father went to his study and take off on her exploration.

In the meanwhile, she kept trying for Yuvaans number but was not able to reach him.

She got ready with the blueprint of the entrance, and taking along her torchlight, she stepped out of the house. Charu gingerly moved towards the gate, when suddenly her phone rang. She jumped with fright at the sudden sound but was relieved to see that it was Yuvaan. She quickly went down the lane and picked the phone at a place away from the sight of her home.

“Hello, Yuvaan. Finally, it is you. I’ve been trying your number for so long. Oh my, I’m off to explore the entrance laid out in the blueprint….”

“Hello, hello, Yuvaan…can you hear me?” She went on and on.

Charu could barely listen to Yuvaans voice.

“Hellll..llo….ooo Ch…arr….uuu…”

“I’m was away…could..nt.. tak…ca”


I’ll…jo….in yo..u tomm,” said Yuvaan.

Though it wasn’t clear, Charu understood that Yuvaan was busy and couldn’t join her right then.”

Suddenly, the phone gets disconnected and it was a long beep after that. Charu tried Yuvaans number again but couldn’t reach him.

Disappointed, she didn’t know what to do. She filled with curiosity, she decided to continue her search.

Filled with curiosity, she decided to continue her search.

Gingerly, she moved towards the entrance that would have originally led to the lake.

“What could be there today”, Charu wondered aloud. “I have to find it out. Let me just precheck it once tonight and tomorrow later I’ll revisit it with Yuvaan and it explore it more deeply. Then maybe we would get some more clarity on this mystery,” thought Charu.

The old blueprints were kind of familiar with Charu. She looked carefully at the landmark places and mentally figured the direction to the parking UG 4 marked by Yuvaan.

She walked and walked to the area in the dark night. Charu felt she was a part of some mysterious novel, only now she herself was a part of the whole story. A multitude of emotions was running through her. Excited yet scared, she really wished Yuvaan was there along with her.

As she reached the marketplace, the supposed cave-in the area, Charu was amazed to find it led to the pristine blue waters of the lake. She was not exactly surprised by the discovery but all of it only intrigued her more and more.

And now, what had all of this led to? The whole incident has taken her by storm.

Charu stirred and her eyes opened. For a whole minute, she couldn’t fathom where she was. Suddenly she trembled with cold and she recalled all that had happened. Instantly she remembered her adventure to the parking and the cold waters of the lake.

“Oh my! Who was that who caught me? Why were they trying to stop me from getting hold of the sword?”

Charu was now sure that her guess was right. She had found the original sword. Who could have stolen it and why? How could the museum people be so careless in the job? What was the connection between the sword and the original Sherry?

Charu recalled how the person had resembled her completely. Now Charu was completely shaken as she realized that maybe that..that… that person was Sheryl Verghese.

“I shouldn’t have ventured out alone and listened to Yuvaan,” Charu regretted now.

Charu was shivering with fear and cold. As her eyes slowly adjusted to her surroundings, she found that she was in a cellar-like room. She was glad as she realized that there was a small fire in the fireplace. She tried to get up and reach it to warm herself up. As she tried to get up, Charu found herself struggling. The warmth of the bonfire attracted her and crawled slowly towards it. Charu realized that she had no strength in her. Yet, she crawled slowly towards the fire.

As she reached, she felt relief all through her body. And she was also able to think and decipher things more clearly.

Now she wondered where she could be? Charu strained her ears to listen to some sound of people talking afar.

She was glad that the original Sherry was not so bad as she at least kept the for burning to protect Charu.

Charu heard the voices coming closer was filled with apprehension. She also heard some people’s footsteps approaching her.

Charu’s mind tried to figure out if the footsteps were of a woman or man. She guessed that one of them would be Sherry but who could the other person be. Was that a man or a woman? Charu tried her best to decipher it as she was keen to know who was Sherry’s accomplice. She realized that the footsteps were not even and so took the guess that the accomplice would be a lame person.

Suddenly, a door opened and from her place, Charu could see the silhouette of two people standing……

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