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Ranjani Ramesh

Abstract Drama Others



4 mins

 Charu and Abhay were perplexed with the text they found on the papyrus. Both of them racked their brain to figure out what it could mean.

They both looked at each other trying to read what was on each other’s mind.

Charu suggested they look deeper into the safe to see if anything else was there.

Abhay slowly opened the safe completely and shone his mobile torch into it. But he found nothing in it. Abhay then put his hands into the safe to feel for anything and his hand was completely covered with dust.

He suddenly started coughing and strangely Charu didn’t.

Both of them were once again surprised.

Abhay slowly took his hand out of the safe and was completely startled and started making funny noises. One look at his hand and his face turned white.

Charu couldn’t fathom what had happened and looked at Abhay’s hand.

On it was the same mark of the hooded cobra outlined with dust.

She looked at Abhay who was now wriggling around like a snake and making funny noises.

Charu grabbed the papyrus and Abhay’s hand and dragged him out to the open. They ran into the corridor, went past the kitchen door, out to the UG of the city mall and was out of it in a jiffy.

Charu was panting and looked at Abhay. Strangely, he was rubbing his eyes vigorously. She found him slowly open his eyes as if he just woke up from a deep slumber. He smiled at Charu.

Charu looked at him open mouthed as she realised that Abhay was not remembering what had just transpired at the basement if the City Mall.

She quickly took his hand and saw the mark of the hooded cobra had also vanished from his hand. She touched the papyrus to see if it was still there and was flabbergasted to find that it had also vanished.

“O my! What’s happening?”wondered Charu.

Now Abhay was behaving as if they had just come for a visit to the mall.

The whole trip through the corridor and the idol had completely wiped out of Abhay’s mind.

She suggested they get back home and so that’s what they did.

Enroute, Charu kept recalling the written papyrus note else it might slip out of her mind too. She kept repeating it again and again in her mind. Charu was completely unaware of what Abhay was speaking.

He seemed to be having a regular day with no memory of their recent adventure.

Charu dropped Abhay home and went back home. Though shocked at the turn of events, she was even more determined now.

The first thing she did as soon as she got home was to note down the contents of the papyrus in her book.

She rushed to her room, took out her paper and writer the whole text down. But what’s happened was that she couldn’t recall the entire thing properly.

She realised that though she couldn’t remember the text as was in the papyrus, she knew the meaning of the clue.

Charu then wrote down her understanding of the clue else she forgets that too.

Tomorrow, I’ll call Abhay and take him to task, she decided.

“I hope he is in his senses and recalls what happened today,” thought Charu.

Charu had her dinner and went to bed.

The adventure kept repeating in her mind and wouldn’t let her sleep comfortably.

She kept thinking of what all had happened and realised and was convinced that there was some supernatural power in the whole mystery.

Though a wee bit worried, Charu was super excited to solve the mystery.

The next morning, Charu was up early and went for a small jog. Before going, she studied whatever she had noted down the previous night.

On her jog, Charu found her eureka moment and she realised that she has understood the code written on the papyrus.

She figured out that the message told that we should do the right thing else something wrong would eventually happen.

But what could be the connection between the lake and Mother Nature?

Charu realised that there was some connection of the idol and the cobra to the lake there.

What could it mean that water will find its way?

On her way back home, Charu visited Abhay's home and found that he had already left home for work. Charu was really surprised.

Later, she went to the police station and found he had headed out with his team.

Charu was now upset and angry. She decided to visit the lake by herself.

Just then,

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