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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

A reward hunt in garden.

A reward hunt in garden.

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I still remember when I was young , the best incident ever had happened with me.

It was my younger brothers 2nd birthday me and my elder brother , we both were roaming here and there in garden.

Its was like a small family gathering, all of our close relatives and my father's friends were there.

We had build a full family vaccation trip there, mats on the grass children playing here and there the canteen was just a km away from our spot.

At the right side all the males were preparing tikka's, biryani's and all.

And too the left the females were applying masala and were cutting other stuffing.

My cousin had bought some kites and so first we flew them but after an hour me and my brother got bored of that, so we though to do something intresteing.

But what intresteing was there to be done?

We tried making mud houses but we failed,

We tired creating balloon bombs but we again failed.

Later on all of our cousins arrived telling they have been bored by flying kite.

So we got suggested by our anty to play hide and seek or cricket n all we decided first to play cricket we were playing cricket when we saw two people giving some sort of papers to the peddlers around them .

So we went towards those uncle and found a pamphlet in there hand.

It showed a description of a dog named Steve it was light and dark brown in colour.

Which in the evening had got lost.

They had kept an award of 10000 INR rupees too, we were super excited for this hunt. It had a contact number too.

Finding it intresteing we ran behind the pamphlet .

We ran here and there finding that dog.

Almost after an hour when we got tired and sat down , mummy addressed us showing tikka's we all ran there ate tikka biryani had juice and some sweets too as it was a birthday gathering.

After few mintues of dinner one of my cousins addressed that see that's the dog on the pamphlet . We left our juice and ran behind that dog.

The dog was running fast and we all were behind him.

Finally my elder brother suggested not to run and find the pamphlet it had number of the owner .

But who was having that pamphlet?

None of us knew where that pamphlet went , now our task was to find the pamphlet first and then to call the owner for dog.

We searched and finally found the pamphlet we called the owner , they came to us.

We told them were we lastly saw the dog.

Now we all were searching for that we all of us loosed hope even the owner lossed the hope, they thanked us for helping this much and suggested to go back to our parents , we were going back only when we saw the Bushes onto our left were dancing we shouted uncle uncle here Steve is and surprisingly he was there.

The owners were soo happy and seeing Steve they started to cry. Tears rolled down seeing them like this.

Later on they reward us and meet our parents.

They told them how brave and energetic we were.

That was an epic day of our life. We enjoyed

we celebrated

we had fun

We did a searching task

We felt bad for not finding him

Finally found him and got rewarded too.

We were super happy that day and loved it to.

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