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Shreya Pandey

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A Night With Crescent Moon

A Night With Crescent Moon

8 mins

The Black themed room with a dark red bed embellished with a beautiful bed sheet placed in the extreme center with two side tables and a couch near the window. A blindfolded woman lying all undressed with her hands cuffed over her head. Her one leg was straight and the other squeezing the soft vertical lips while controlling the lust and thirst gifting her a figure of the beautiful gold embellished statue. All wet with raised breath and running heartbeats with moving breasts up and down in rhythm with her breath. She was biting her pink lustrous lips and eagerly waiting for this adventure to begin. This was going to be unbearably painful but relaxing and was gonna end up giving her immense pleasure later on and it was going to be a beautiful night of her life because, after that night, there won't be any space for darkness in her life. The room is full of fragrant candles and the flames were shimmering white in the darkness like the stars are speckled in the entire room and she was shinning like a bright crescent moon. The smell of lavender and shea cocoa butter lotion wafting all around as she was dipped in the whole bottle of scent. Two side tables with lit lamps, one having a champagne bottle, two glasses, and ice cubes in a bowl on the tray while the other had a belt, dildo, rope, spikes, and butt plug.

The door was ajar and he entered in the room after a warm bath wrapped in a white towel, he was lusty and greedy enough to once touch that beautiful moon lying over there in the middle of the bed. He unfurls the towel and dropped it on the floor and came on the bed on her. She said, "Darling, you are here, how long I have been waiting for you." He hushed her by placing his finger on her lips. He said, "Shhhhh, you are really beautiful. And I am here to make you all mine. Though I'm sorry to make you wait for this long your wait is over now, love. I am here to be all yours." They smiled.

He kissed on her lips that she was biting the whole time while waiting for him, he slowly started going down on her, he started kissing and stroking her neck, biting her ears slowly going down via her bosoms; squeezing, licking, and biting them a little and those were all giving her immense pleasure and she was moaning in pleasure. Ahhh...

She stopped him from going down and asked him to come up near her face. She said, "baby, I need some pain, I mean intense pain." He refused her on that demand but she insisted and as he never denies her request, he agreed. She asked him to bring a candle. He said, "Okay, but why do want pain if I am here to love you."

She said, "I don't know, maybe I need another pain to forget the older ones. Please, do me this favor."

He stood up and brought a candle. She asked him to pour it onto her all over her naked shinning body.

"Please, pour it on me, all over. It's not you who are doing this. I want this. Please." She requested.

He started pouring it onto her, starting from his favorite place, her navel; he poured them all around the navel and her body shuddered with each drop of melting wax on her supple skin. She moaned but not with pleasure but because she began to focus on this pain and burns. Her breath was rising higher and higher and higher. The whole room was doused in her moans and aaahhhhs.... Squeezing and rubbing her legs into each other, she was taking all the pain inside her. He poured it all over her belly then bosoms then her legs but he stopped doing that. He threw the candle away and took the ice from the bowl in his lips and started caressing her all over her burns while slowly removing all the wax from her body and smoothened them with the ice and his kisses of love. She wanted to sob but she couldn't or maybe her blindfold resisted her tears to trickle down. She asked him for something more, more excruciating, more intense so that she can forget everything from her past. So that she could have only this night to remember for the rest of her life.

She asked him to use the belt on her and also to put some clothes inside her mouth so that her screams could not reach outside this room. He took out his handkerchief from his pocket and stuffed her mouth with that. He hits her with that leather belt all over her body sparing no part, not even her soft portion between legs as he tied her both the legs to the two corners of the bed with the ropes kept on the other side table forming her Y. He hits her on her belly, legs, bosoms, tits, and her softest portion too. And she screamed but as her mouth was stuffed so her voice was trapped inside her only. He said, "Enough, I can't do this anymore, I can't, I am not a sadist, I love you and I can't do this to you"

She nodded as if she was saying okay don't do. He sat for a while weeping and regretting this. He wiped his tears and removed the blindfold and the clothes from her mouth and untied her completely and asked her not to move. She agreed to say "okay, I won't, do what you want now."

He said, "I want to love you and make you believe in love again, I want you to feel the touch again."

They were silent for a while.

He said, Okay, now you won't instruct me anything." She agreed by nodding. He put a genype kiss on her forehead and then lips. Made her lie down and went near her feet. He started kissing her from her feet to knees to her thighs but stopped as he reaches the softness, looking above in her eyes he knew that she is demanding for pain because of pain but all she needs is love. He stopped and teases her a lil. She smiled but controlled again that she was excellent. He reached to her lips again and strike them with his. They were all lost in the moment. Their body touching each other completely her hands on his back. Slowly he started playing and going down again and this time she didn't stop him. He caressed her hair, stroked in her neck, kissed her bosom then reached her naval kissing all over and going down on her. Her heartbeats were raising and she started moaning. Intensely, deep moan, struggling alot to control her feelings but this time she failed. He again stopped before reaching her modesty and kissed her lips but slowly started taking his hand towards her moistness crossing the squeezing legs, separating them apart, he reaches there and touches her for the very first time and she moaned. He searched for the clit surreptitiously, sliding her vulva lips, uplifting the hood making her lost in his passionate kiss and she moaned again lifting her face and upper body a little upward, struggling not to tremble. He was lost giving her pleasure instead of inflicting pain and she was delighted experiencing the love (not again) but for the first time in her entire life because of the things and the moments she thought as love never loved. This is something going to be added in her memory that she would never resist to keep. He reached her clit and smiled and started stimulating them in circular direction giving her immense pleasure and she was wanting more of it. This could be felt by her moaning sound reverberating all around the room. Now he stopped kissing her and smiled and went down on her using his tongue to show her his magic. He was lost in tasting her while circulating her clit with tongue and licking all her moistness and she was moaning in immense pleasure. It's kind of loud scream, something she was feeling for the first time. She was about to cum and he stopped and started teasing her again meanwhile, he slowly inserted his two fingers inside her and she moaned deeply, so he paused for a while asking her if she wants him to stop but she said nohhh, not now, please, get inside. So he took it out a lil and then again entered slowly and in come hither motion his fingers were inside her and he started playing and that hits her g-spot in few mins. She trembled and screamed in pleasure like there was an immense vibration from her head to toe. He continued with that. He took his fingers out and licked the whole moistness around and took her permission to come inside her.

She refused. He was going off the bed then she pulled him over her body again and made him lie down on the bed, she started kissing him, just the way he did to her and he also went down on him. She gave him pleasure with her hand and licked all his flavor. He made her lie down on the bed and came over her and spread her legs and entered inside. She clenched her fist holding the bed sheet but he holds her hands both the side and slowly entered her. They both were maoning in pleasure. For the very first time, her love was requiting. He came out and make her lie down with her belly on the bed and dragged her butts towards him and again entered. Had an amazing love making session for hours in different positions. He took himself out from her and make her lie down with her back again and kissed her softness and kissed her on lips and slept beside her with a sheet covering them as one. She slept in his arms with covered her back with one leg bent on his body and his other hand holding her's om his chest itself.

This beautiful scene came to its beautiful ending. The ending has a new beginning. The curtains around the bed fell and covered them by protecting their love in a book forever.

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