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Morning Love

Morning Love

4 mins

"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds."

( From Sonnet 116 )🦋

I am an avid reader and a parttime writer as well. My predilections changed after a sad phase of my life. I'm a reader since I was 8 and I turned into the writer at 21. I am a writer as in jotting down all the good and bad happened in my life or if anything my eyes witness. I was sitting on my recliner chair near my window gazing outside where small kids were playing. I was lost in my thought with my legs folded, head leaned on left, pen in my right hand while my diary in the left. He was making an omelet for us as he loved cooking for me not as a passion but only for the love of his life.

"Hey miss writer, breakfast is on the table." She heard this sound coming her way and she was distracted. Leaving her thoughts with her pen and diary on the table, she moved toward the dining hall.

"Tadaa" with a great beatific smile, he said.

He made her sit comfortably and chose the one side chair for himself, served her the omelet.

They were having breakfast and he interrupted.

"So, what's your next write up"

"I don't know, I haven't thought of anything yet, the mind isn't that fresh and it isn't even working that way."

"Alright, madam, how can I assist you in this." With a naughty grin, he asked.

She put her fork and knife aside and took some wine and gazed at him.

" What can you do for me, sir!" She asked sarcastically.

"Well, I can do what nobody else can."

"Anhaan, I see"

Yeah, and they laughed.

He leaned towards her and she stood up from the dining table and ran towards the bedroom, and he chased her and caught her in midway even before reaching the door. He took her up in his arms, eye to eye intimate contact and slowly the smile vanished and they were turned on with their love. He took her inside the room and made her sit on the bed. Still staring and then their lips collide like the sun hits the horizon. It was an equally beautiful scene as we describe the sunset. Kissing passionately and then they stood up and he hit her back on the wall and they were lost in their kiss. His one hand on her waist and the other covering the ear and reaching the neck. Her hands were on his hair and the back of his neck. That kiss turned into passionate make out, very quickly removing each other's clothes, laughing, kissing, and enjoying they jump onto the bed and made out well. He kissed her on her forehead resting his hands on her cheeks, touching them softly, they smiled and said I love you.

They were sitting on the bed in the quilt, her head on his chest, and his covering her well.

He said, " You are okay, right. Tell me if anything bothers you, why aren't you able to concentrate on your writings?"

She exhaled and said, yeah I am okay. If I am with you, I am perfectly fine, don't worry.

I just had a horrible dream and I was scared of that.

" What dream, share it with me."

"Well, you very well know about my past. I have moved on from that phase but still, he comes in my dream and the worst part is I do make out with him in my dreams." And she started weeping to hold him tight.

" Babe, it's okay, he was your past and you did have some beautiful moments with him as well and it's very tough to forget everything if your love was genuine. I understand everything. You loved him, babe, and it's his bad luck that he couldn't love you back. You don't need to get scared of any dream or reality. I am with you now and you are safe here. And you are all mine."

She kissed him on his chest and he kissed her on her head and they hold each other very tight and she slept in his arms feeling that place her home.

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