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Mihika Saraf

Romance Tragedy


Mihika Saraf

Romance Tragedy

72 Hours (Chapter 3)

72 Hours (Chapter 3)

2 mins

Bated breath. Unrest. Unsettled sentiment. Fear of demise. Aster and Zach.

Aster Wilson. She walked out of the passage, knowing. 

It was the third day. The supposed last. Zach and Aster had almost forgotten this, but silent and fearful, it was reticently concealed at the back of their minds.

The doctor had confirmed that it was impossible to save him from the deathbed; all they could do was see.

That afternoon Aster came by Zach's room. She stood on the door so he couldn't see her. Seeing his tender face, she sobbed, she cried down-heartedly, she wasn't sure whether she could see him die. Wiping her tears with gentleness and immense sorrow, she walked away. 

Later then, she came in again. This time with a smile on her face; fake. She sat next to Zach, trying to mask her grief. Working to prove her fake grin convincing, she began talking to him, asking him how he was, but indeed, she just kept getting adrifted in his love. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but Zach couldn't see. She wiped them off, caging down her pain.

Zach abruptly sled his hand round her shoulder and took her into his arms. He said- 'Aster, I may not be able to see you, but my love can. I can sense, why you cry. And one thing should you remember, that I, no matter living or not, will live in your heart forever'.

With this his chest started paining, he rolled down to the floor, miserable and choking. Aster called for help. The doctors came but it was of no use. 

'Death is destined, dear Aster. From you, I have received true, indiscriminate love,' he coughed as he talked, but continued. 'So unjudging, that you love me even not knowing my name. Zach. Zach Smith.' 

The doctors said he had hardly a few minutes left. Just then a miracle happened. Zach opened his eyes, lost the blur. 'Aster, my love, remember my second wish? It's completed. I am still alive and I saw heaven. I saw you.'

With that, he succumbed his breath, with a smile on his face. With his hand, in hers. 

He was taken away to be confined. Aster kissed him gently on the forehead and let his spirit soar away, without a single tear from her eye. 

A doctor came from behind, asking her to give her name to fill, on his certificate of death. 'Aster Smith', said she...


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