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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Mihika Saraf

Horror Action Crime


Mihika Saraf

Horror Action Crime

The Night Of Plight

The Night Of Plight

4 mins 214 4 mins 214

It was dark even with the Moon shining. She walked swift and brisk, her movements awakening the stray. She got into a side street, the kind which is not safe for women. The kind which would even make a man tremble. Many would say dark itself is not safe here in Karmeganoor. But she was not like any other. She was no ordinary woman and nor was her job. She stood there in the middle of the street as if waiting for something to appear out of nowhere. 

A man of unknown identity came out of the shadows. He held a wicked smile with a casual and cool stance. He was a man who shouldn't be played with. 

Puzal: Hello Sussana, have you found what you were looking for? 

Sussana: I don't have time to play your games now Puzal. Let me know why you summoned me and shoo off.

Puzal threw a laugh which died soon. A grim look replaced his wicked mask & Puzal was never grim. Then he mumbled a few words in dead silence.

Sussana's hand twitched. Her face went blank and emotionless. She knew that this could change everything in a matter of few days.

She would get caught, if Puzal let out what he had whispered, she would be destroyed! She had to do something, right there! 

She took out a gun from under her pale black scarf; a howling gunshot followed. Blood streamed through the crevices amongst the bricks that made the side street, as breathless and fearfully silent as the night was, so was Puzal, who lay, breathing his last on an abandoned vicious street.

"You SHOT him??!!" A voice came from behind the curtain, manly but in utter shock.

"I had no other option Guzal!" Sussana defended herself, as she tried to calm herself from the shock. "I got away with it, I'm safe here, with you at my house! Even though the plan didn't go as planned..."

"Didn't go as PLANNED??!!" He screamed yet again as his face was visibly turning pale, "you shot my twin brother!"

"As defence!" Sussana said as she set a counter argument.

"Sussana! All I told you to do was to blackmail him to give me my share of the property! He tried to kill me 8 years ago! I ran away but he declared I was dead, and he took all my shares from dad's will which was supposed to be split! But I came back for revenge, for my share!" He raised his voice as his mind was petrified at even the visualisation of murder, and especially with the murderer right in front of him. 

"Guzal! I know all of that! And I did exactly what you wanted me to do, I came closer to him; took out all of his secrets, and then began blackmailing him. But he got to know my secret! I couldn't let him unravel it in front of the world! Could I?" Sussana charged.

"What secret, huh? What, what enormously mysterious secret did you dig out, that you killed him in the dead of the night?"

Few moments of silence followed.

"Answer me Sussana!" He said as he shouted at her, and tugged her hand roughly to make her stand up.

He looked into her eyes with fury and rage, and repeated: "answer me Sussana!"

So she finally broke the ice: "not Sussana... Antoinette..." 

"What? What are you talking about?!" Guzal said.

"My name is not Sussana, I'm Antoinette and I belong to the Czech Republic. My mother was Indian and my father was Czech. My father was mercilessly killed by our community due to some personal evil motives of theirs. I wanted justice for my father, so I stabbed the head of the community as revenge. They knew it was me! But they couldn't find me so they killed my mother too, expecting me to come. But I didn't want the same fate as my parents, so I came here, change my identity to Jaya, and started a new life".

Once again the howling winds within the vicious silence and the dreadful dark night acted, but this time the sacrifice of petrification was Guzal...

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