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30 Years Of Togetherness

30 Years Of Togetherness

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Sipra was very happy, as we were on a short trip to a resort near Igatpuri. For her the icing on cake was the opportunity to visit Trambekshwar. We reached the resort around 5.30 pm in the evening, after almost 5 to 6 hours of bus journey from Mumbai. But surprisingly I was not feeling the tiredness rather I was very relaxed. On the way she has reminded me to wear the neck belt to take care of the recently developed spondolytis. But I was not ready to wear it.

The atmosphere at the resort was fantastic. The ambiance was very nice. It was like a beauty spot in the midst of nature's home. I could feel the nip in the cool breeze. The music of the whistling wind was very soothing. As if the entire natural surroundings were in a jovial mood. The air was full of clean and stress free oxygen. I could feel the deepness in my breathing. She was lost in nature's Beauty.

But I was not able to understand the reasons for nature's grace. I couldn't recollect any such occasions in recent past. Yes I had such feelings when I was a kid and used to visit my village. But in my service career I never had such feelings. The beautiful evening, the dark cloud. the tall mountain and the woods, all were smiling at me and teasing me. Even the darshan of Lord Shiva was something different. She was overwhelmed at the darshan of the Jyotirlinga.

I entered the conference room. I could see a galaxy of senior executives from the insurance field. I could recognize some of the very senior managers from public and private sectors, some from the broking line even a successful businesses-man. But the atmosphere was very unusual, but as usual I was expecting some hot discussion on insurance field. The market, growth, top line and bottom line, claim settlement and the expected corrections in the market trend and overall the target and achievements. I couldn't spot the projector or the screen for presentations. What sort of business meeting? How can so many senior executives be so casual ? Even the dress code was very informal. What feedback I will give to my management.

Suddenly the gathering become very active, music started playing. You could hear the sound of glasses. Oh God, they started dancing. They were laughing and screaming. I have never seen such a meeting. I was surprised and trying to find out the reason. I cleaned my glass. Now it was clear. I could recognise them. They were not senior insurance executives, but they were friends, friends forever. Enjoying the 30th year of togetherness. Age was not a bar, whether it was Dubai, Oman, Nagaland, Kerala or any part of India, they were here. 

Now I could understand why nature was at its best, because of the presence of my friends. I could recollect the childhood story of "Selfish Giant", how nature became beautiful when the selfish giant allowed the kids to play in his garden. Yes, the bonding of friendship has brought out the kids amongst us. I was laughing at the way I used to laugh. I was questioning myself what the hell I was doing so far. I was trying to remember when I have laughed last and lived for myself and her.

My friends taught me to live again the life in your way. Thanks to all of you. Love you all.


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